Berlin Wall

I think it is time that we made a magnanimous gesture toward all of the liberals in the United States of America.  We Conservatives should gather together our resources and build for them a gift; a country that they can call their own.  We should find a plot of ground 40 miles long and 40 miles wide (that would be a nice comfy 1,600 square miles) and section it off to build this country.  We would not have to use Eminent Domain, because once the purpose of this land is promoted, people would be more than happy to give up their property to build this country.  Once the land is secured, we would build an impenetrable wall around it, so that once they are living there, their country would not be polluted by the outside world.  Liberals like cities, so we need to supply them with plenty of building material to build their homes, businesses and roads. Once the materials are delivered, the Liberals can move in, and we will close and lock the gate from the outside.

Oh, just think of how wonderful this country of Libtopia would be for all of the Liberals. They can grow their own gluten-free, fat-free, free-range food. They can erect solar panels and windmills to power their latte-makers and electric cars.  They can set up their own government and hire their own leaders. They can marry whomever (or whatever) they please. They can live peacefully without any guns or a police force to oppress them.  They can raise little common-core liberal children who grow up to go to liberal arts colleges.  They can have all the health-care their hearts desire. And, all without a bunch of Conservatives to mess it up for them.  Life in Libtopia would be so very happy for all the liberals… for a while.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, we could re-build our nation and secure our Freedom. We could fight our enemies and prevail, because the Rules of Engagement would spell it out; W-I-N! America would regain her dignity because people would work to make it a better place. We could bring God back into our lives, and along with Him, a sense of purpose.  The basics – reading, writing and arithmetic – would be taught in schools, so that students would be prepared, when they graduate, to go out into the world and make something of themselves. Babies would be born and raised by Moms and Dads who love them.  Our Constitution would be defended and upheld, so government would be limited. Imagination and innovation would, once again, thrive.  The capitalist market place would drive the economy and everything would be affordable. People would learn skills and use them to make a living. Ahh! How lovely it would be.

In 20 years, when we open up the gates of Libtopia, what would we find?  We would find a wasteland, because Liberals don’t cultivate proper life-skills. Their buildings would be substandard and crumbling. Their food supply would be scant. Their precious wind turbines and solar panels would have filleted and fried every bird. The population would be at a minimum because they would have aborted their babies and, with their deviance, would have killed each other off with disease. Those remaining would riot, and without a police force or guns to protect themselves, they would be murdered. Libtopia would be no more.

This post is written partially in jest. However, if we don’t recognize the evils we face as the liberal/socialist parasite eats it’s way through America, and do something about it, we can expect this gruesome outcome for the entire nation.  You see, we are on our way to being Libtopia.  The time to stop the down-slide into ruin is now!

May God help us!

“If my people, which are called by my Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

(2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV)



A Different Time


In June of 2004, I was working as a clerk at a local RV park. We had a television in the office, tuned in to the coverage of the ceremonies that surrounded President Ronald Reagan’s death. There were several of us gathered around watching and listening as the commentators spoke of the Cold War.  There was a girl I worked with (in her very early 20’s) standing next to me and she stated, “Cold War. I don’t get what the big deal is.”

I stifled my shock and calmly replied to her, “The danger you understand is fanatic religionists hijacking airplanes and flying them into our buildings. During the Cold War we had ICBM’s pointed at our cities.”

“What is an ICBM?” she asked.

“Intercontinental Ballistic Missile,” I explained. “It is a missile, armed with a nuclear warhead, capable of reaching one continent from another. They were not aimed at our buildings; they were aimed at our cities. President Reagan, along with Margaret Thatcher and others were instrumental in ending the Cold War, and yes, the danger was very real.”

After that, the girl watched the TV quietly with the rest of us. I admit that, at first, I was thrown off by her ignorance. In the following days, I had the opportunity to speak with a few other young people and some were aware of the meaning of the Cold War, but they were not impressed with the threat.  Sadly, there is a whole generation of Americans who are blatantly clueless of the dangers that we face right now, today!  Yes, the Soviet Bear has come out of hibernation and the Russians are pushing their presence back into the American psyche. Fighter jets in Syria, communications ships off of the American coastline and military aircraft getting uncomfortably close to our air space are all ways the Russians are thumbing their noses at America.  But, we also face the danger of Iran. Only fools believe that Iran is just building a nice little reactor to power their night lights with. They are pursuing the capability to arm missiles with nuclear warheads that will, at the very least, reach Israel, and quite possibly the United States. The danger is real and it is now!

We have become a culture where anything and everything diverts attention away from what is truly important.  While unbelievers have been loudly protesting against any mention of God, religionist jihadis have been beheading Christians around the world and have shouted “Death to America!” in their own public squares. While homosexuals have militantly demanded superior civil rights and that every Christian bow down to their deviancy, religionist jihadis stone homosexuals to death or throw them off of tall buildings. As lunatic feminists parade their immorality in front of everybody while insisting that tax-payers foot the bill for the murder of their babies, hordes of religionist jihadis (disguised as “refugees”) are raping and brutalizing the women of Europe. And, as welfare queens and their sperm donors riot and destroy their own communities, the current president is making way for religionist jihadis to come to America and unleash their hatred and terror on millions of American citizens.  Meanwhile, swarms of illegal aliens are coming across our border and imposing a threat to our very way of life.

All of this is happening! What are Americans doing about it? Some are trying to fight it, but sadly, many are too busy with the distraction of the day to be concerned. We have a serious complacency problem in this country. In 2014 we worked hard to hire a group of Congressmen and Senators who would put the needs of the People above the needs of the government. The employees we hired have not done their job; in fact they’ve done the opposite of what we sent them there to do. We have not held their feet in the fire. Now, we are faced with hiring a President who will do our Will, but people are entranced by buffoons and inexperienced wannabes. I get it! People don’t want a traditional politician, because they are infected with corruption. However, we do not have the luxury of being able to hire another experimental leader. Quite frankly, we have had more than enough of that.  We had a good, viable, capable and strong candidate in Governor Rick Perry, but people were too busy looking past his ability to do the job in order to gawk at the train wreck circus that the rest of the candidates have caused. America needs a Commander-in-Chief for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces not just to respect and admire, but to trust. America needs a President not to be a celebrity or on-the-job trainee. America needs a President to be a Leader!  While America is being devoured by the liberal/socialist parasite, people are wallowing in idiocy; transfixed by distractions and demanding that candidates tell them what their itching ears want to hear. Choosing a President is not about hearing what you want to hear; it is about hiring the best man to do the job that needs to be done. Americans should be ashamed of the way they’ve turned our elections into a shouting match of platitudes delivered in a junior high-school popularity contest.

The Reagan years were a different time. The threats we faced were not the same as we have today. In those years most of America’s enemies were far away, but now they are dwelling amongst our own people. The danger is real and it is now!

As much as I would love for Governor Perry to change his mind and re-enter the race, I must face the fact that I will have to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils in November 2016, just like the last two Presidential elections. I won’t give up hope for Governor Perry. I still cling to the term suspended. That being said, it is clear that America’s problems are bigger than one man can fix. We the people must be willing to do our part, and we start by getting serious about the issues. Complacency is not an option!




On Friday afternoon we got news that Rick Perry had suspended his campaign. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. Many of his supporters took to social media in disbelief that our candidate of choice had stepped down. As the evening wore on, social media was abuzz with posts lamenting the loss of a good man from an ugly campaign. People who haven’t said anything in support of Rick Perry stated that they were sorry to see him leave the campaign. Supporters were heart-broken and desperate. It should make all Americans sick that a man with integrity and a stellar record of accomplishment is ignored while circus clowns get all of the attention.  Are people really willing to push a candidate who cannot even identify our enemies to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces? Do they really think a loud, foul-mouthed braggart who wants to buy the presidency is a fit leader? When Rick Perry was busy putting policies in place to build Texas into the 12th largest economy in the world, where were the other candidates? Where were the other candidates when Rick Perry was dealing with masses of hurricane victims? Where were they when Rick Perry was forced by a do-nothing president to call up the Texas National Guard, State Police, Texas Rangers and others to stop an invasion of illegal aliens coming across the border? Where were the other candidates when Rick Perry took office as the Governor of Texas and was met with a deficit, and turned the economy around so that he left Texas with a surplus? Where were all of the braggarts while Governor Perry was reforming the educational system in Texas bringing it from the depths to near the top in the nation for graduation rates?  What were they all doing? Going bankrupt; using eminent domain to try to remove a little old lady from her family land to build a parking lot; making speeches, etc. Rick Perry has done what the other candidates say they “will” do. And yet, people are drooling over an angry clown and a few inexperienced novices.  Americans should be better than this.

Those of us who genuinely think that Rick Perry is the best chance America has to maintain our Freedom are not quick to give up.  The campaign has been suspended. That word does not mean done. Some may call me delusional and others may say I am grasping at straws, but I am not alone in my resolve to continue to support Rick Perry’s candidacy.  There are many of us – perhaps we are a grassroots army strong enough to make a difference, and loud enough to encourage Rick Perry to reignite his campaign.

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

President John F. Kennedy – September 12, 1962

Modern political campaigns rely on a lot of money and a lot of press coverage. But, having money and the media’s constant attention does not make for a great candidate. Donald Trump is very wealthy (just ask him, he will be glad to tell you) and he has had more media coverage than all of the other candidates combined.  Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and many others have made sure that Trump is the center of attention for weeks – they are in the entertainment business; Trump is an entertainer, so they will push him as much as they can. However, a serious candidate with a strong track record of positive accomplishments, a military back ground and a true Conservative agenda is ignored because he doesn’t cause the people to get angry and start pitching a fit. This is a level of pathetic that should not exist. Rick Perry’s supporters know it will not be easy to get him back in the race; it will be hard.  Real Americans have never taken the easy way out; we do things because they are hard – and because the reward is Freedom!

In 2007, Senator John McCain’s campaign was suspended for a while and then he came back to win the nomination. McCain was not anywhere near the ideal candidate, but once he won the nomination I supported his candidacy; I did the same with Romney.  Governor Rick Perry is not a perfect man (no man is) and he is not the perfect candidate (again, no man is), but he is the best candidate we have had in decades, and I doubt there will be one as good as he is for decades to come.  I stand with a lot of people who, even though they are crushed right now, are clinging to that one word; suspended. We are a multitude and we are praying for God’s guidance in this. We are praying for Rick and Anita Perry and all of the people who are willing to work on his campaign without pay. We are praying for a grassroots army of supporters to gain strength in this time of darkness so that we may be a force for Light in the days to come.

“And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To Him be the power forever and ever. Amen.”

(1 Peter 5:10-11 NIV)

To my fellow Rick Perry supporters, we are down but we are not out. We still have a chance to turn things in the right direction. When we stand and work together, we stand strong. I encourage you to take heart and use this time to prepare for the battles to come. Rick Perry needs us! America needs Rick Perry! May God gift us with a steadfast spirit to turn suspended into active and on fire!

It is Not Over


Fourteen years ago today America was attacked. Islamist terrorists hijacked 4 airplanes and turned them into bombs; 2,977 innocent people were murdered by cowards in the name of their evil god. In the aftermath of that dreadful day, Americans banded together in resolve against that evil. People dusted off their Bibles, went to church and put extra thought into their love for their own families and friends. Today, as we commemorate the horrible event and think about the families of those who died, we find that the wound has not healed.

A World War was started on that lovely September day all those years ago. A War the likes of which the world has never known. Instead of uniformed soldiers representing political entities (nations), we are at war with an ideology that is driven by pure hatred for everyone who does not abide by the same malevolent religious precepts as does its followers. War has always been about soldiers fighting against soldiers while those on the home front support and encourage them. This war includes a world full of innocent people being targeted. Islamist adherents want to kill everybody who does not bow down to their god! They do not care about growing up, getting married, having a good job, raising decent children and pursuing a better life. They don’t care about a happy and safe home filled with laughter, good food and an abundance of love. The do not want a better world; they want a world destroyed and purged of everybody who does not bow to their belief.

The politically correct narrative does not have room for Truth. Today, we mourn those 2, 977 lives because 19 terrorists chose to unleash evil on American soil. And, for fourteen years Americans have been on edge, wondering when the next attack will happen. We have had to bury many more killed on our own soil; soldiers from Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, a grandmother from Oklahoma and others. Europe is being invaded by animals that live by the same ideology and they are coming to America to continue their rampage against all that is good. They are already here.

The wounds will not heal until America stands up to the evil like we have done before. World War II was won, not because Americans were politically correct robots, but because Americans were resolved to fight and defeat the evil that had invaded the world. This war is not over!

Perhaps it would serve us well to seek truth, fight for what is good and push back against the evil. Americans are a strong people and if we stand together we stand strong for what is right and against what is wrong. Let us never forget the lives lost on that day fourteen years ago, or the lives lost since then. Let us pray to regain the strength and courage that made this country great.

“…if my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land.”

(2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV)

God bless America.

It is a Marathon

Over the past few days several different people have stated that the Primary race is not a sprint, it is a Marathon. True! It is an ugly Marathon, in which the runners must navigate through the muck and mire in order to get to the finish line. With so many candidates in the race it may be difficult for some to differentiate between them. However, there are definite differences and it would serve the Citizenry well to notice them.

The current culture in America is detrimental to the political process, in that instead of issues, people are focused on entertainment. Everything from school to work to mundane household chores needs to have some sort of entertainment value, or people are not happy. Candidate’s supporters treat their candidate of choice much as they would their favorite football team; it wouldn’t matter if every player on the team was a drug-sniffing felon, they would still support their team without hesitation. The problem with this mentality is that too many people have blinders on and ear plugs firmly planted in the sides of their head. They are not willing to see and hear reality because it would interfere with their fun. It is like trying to reason with a screaming toddler with his fingers stuck in his ears. Honestly, it is hard fathom that adults can be so childishly stuck in their own stubborn, foolish pride. But alas, this is the way the world works now.

The followers of one candidate are enamored with his celebrity status, choosing to hear a small percentage of what he says and completely ignoring the liberal leanings of his past. Another candidate’s base are caught up and starry-eyed like a bunch of 14 year-old girls with the latest issue of Tiger Beat; they disregard the fact that he has only been a Senator for a few years, and has very little experience (sound familiar?), while screaming that he is the most qualified candidate out there. Most of the others fade into the oblivion of political hackery.

And then we have the debates! The debates in this political cycle are nothing more than a showcase for on-air network “talent”. People watch the debates, not to learn about the issues, but to see if the moderators can cause noticeable tension between the candidates, and to see the candidates argue and fuss at each other. It is kind of like the people of ancient Rome, sitting in the nose-bleeds at the Coliseum rooting for lions to devour the Christians. The real issues that we face in America have been lost in the distractions and deceptions. Sadly, very few people seek the truth because they prefer to be entertained by lies.

Last week, Donald Trump announced that Governor Rick Perry was getting out of the race, and CNN announced that the Perry Campaign has shut down its headquarters in South Carolina. Both are blatant lies. The media does not want to deal with Rick Perry because he is a serious candidate, with a proven record. Media doesn’t make any money off of that; they reap many benefits by pushing a political circus into the American psyche. The GOP elites and RINOs in Congress ignore Rick Perry because if he is elected to the Presidency, he will do something that their candidates of choice will not do; he will hold them accountable. He has a record of getting things done: boosting the economy, lowering taxes, diminishing government, supporting the Military, etc. Media and GOP elites probably don’t like Rick Perry much, because he advocates a truly Conservative agenda.

Rick Perry’s campaign may not have the most money, or the most media coverage. However, it has something the other campaigns do not have; a real Conservative candidate with a proven track record and an army of supporters and workers willing to do their best, whether they are paid or not. Those of us who support Rick Perry are not looking for entertainment; we want a leader who will protect and defend the Constitution and our Freedom!

In 490 B.C. a runner by the name of Pheidippides, ran from the town of Marathon to Athens to deliver a message of victory over the Persians. It was a long distance, and no doubt a difficult run without the luxury of modern running shoes, but it had to be done. The political Marathon being run between now and November 2016 is not about whose candidate is the loudest, angriest, ugliest, or the best joke teller or dancer. This is serious! This race is about Freedom or Tyranny! Do we wallow in the rubbish left behind by the circus animals? Or do we pull off the blinders, remove the ear-plugs and start getting real?

Dear Reader, I encourage you to listen to Rick Perry with an open heart and mind. Consider the things that he has done and compare that with what other candidates can only say that they will do. Governor Perry is optimistic about America! I share that optimism, because I know we have the ability to heal this nation of the damage caused by the liberal/socialist parasite, but we must set aside the foolishness and focus on the task at hand. We can navigate the muck and the mire of this ugly Marathon and deliver a message of victory to America and our posterity.

Please visit Perry for President for more information. Thank you.

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