Memorial Day


This weekend marks the unofficial start to the summer season. Many Americans will take an extra day or two off of work to celebrate. Some will have back yard barbeques; some will go to a lake, beach or mountains; some will go to a ball game and many will attend a parade. Sadly, there are a lot of Americans who will be so busy having fun they will completely forget what Memorial Day is all about.

From the Revolutionary War to the present, oceans of Patriot blood have been spilled all over the world, to secure, protect and defend American Freedom. Those men and women who have given their lives for our Liberty are to be remembered and honored. Those who choose not to honor the members of the United States Armed Forces who have died for them, are free to disrespect our Nation, but they should be well aware that they would not enjoy that Freedom without the brave individuals who have placed a higher value on that Freedom than they placed on their own lives.

The current state of our Nation is one of absolute turmoil. The lack of respect for the Constitution, our Laws and our Armed Forces is at an all-time high. Yet, our military is still there to protect and defend us. Please take time this weekend to give proper honor to those who have shed their precious blood in order for you to have a back yard barbecue or a ticket to a ball game. Honor those who died so that you may be Free. Pray for those who wear the uniform today! Give thanks to God for your family, your country and for those who maintain your Liberty.

Please take the time to remember each and every member of the United States Armed Services, past and present.


Violence is a Choice

Another police officer was killed on Wednesday; this time in Omaha. The killing of police officers seems to be the latest sport of choice for those who have chosen a life of violence over a life of productivity. It does no good to talk about the race of those who are killed, nor the ones who do the killing. It has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin, but has everything to do with the content of their character. Those who murder, steal and lie their way through life can come up with a million excuses to try to absolve their behavior, but they cannot produce one good reason. They have chosen to live their lives in violence and crime; they could have chosen differently.

There is a strain of ignorance among these people who prefer to act like feral animals rather than civilized men and women. That ignorance is propagated in the victim mentality that the liberal/socialist agenda pushes into impoverished communities all over America. The result of that ignorance is hatred, and that leads to violence. Hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson agitate the masses with even more ignorance and the resulting hatred stirs up more and more violence. Then our current president and his minions leech their way into the situation and make it even worse by endorsing the ignorance that leads to the violence. It is a vicious cycle, indeed.

Why is ignorance the root of this problem? Simple: Because an informed citizenry is free, while an uninformed citizenry lives in oppression. As long as the liberal/socialist agenda keeps pushing these people to believe they are victims and that the rest of us, somehow, owe them, the violence will continue. The current situation in the United States of America is a horrendous. People rising up and rioting out of nothing but pure hatred for another race, gender, generation or whatever, is a tyrant’s dream come true. It is when the citizens come to their senses, take responsibility for their own actions and rise up against those who cause the hatred and violence that the tyrant’s dream becomes a nightmare.

If ignorance is the root of the violent choices these people make, then lack of self-value is the stem that sprouts up from it. Self-value is something that people get from knowing the meaning of family, hard work, dignity, manners and good morals. Without these elements in life, the value one places on self is very low. Again, it is a choice that gets made. We are each responsible for our own actions and reactions! If one chooses to live life according to the Golden Rule – Do to others as you would have them do to you (see Matthew 7:12) – proper value is placed upon self. When one chooses to treat others the way they want to be treated, a life of violence is no longer the choice. If one chooses to show respect, good manners, modesty and good morals then they choose to live a life of dignity rather than a life of wickedness. Letting go of the ignorance and embracing self-value leads a person to make good choices in life.

The root of the violence is ignorance; the stem that shoots up is lack of self-value, and the flower that blossoms is death. Sadly, people who choose to live their lives in the depravity of an immoral, crime-filled existence never really live; they just exist to spew their hatred. Thugs who riot when they don’t get their way are too ignorant to understand that their violence does no good for anybody. They pillage their own communities and put their own families and neighbors out of business, for what? They shoot at police officers who are doing their best to keep communities safe for no reason other than hate. They hate their community leaders. They hate their teachers. They hate business owners. They hate the police. They hate their neighbors. They hate their families. And, they hate themselves. All of the hatred you see when you watch the mayhem on the television is pure ignorance! Ignorance of the fact that they are being used by politicians who don’t care about their lives, they just want to have power over them. Ignorance of the fact that the media sees them as participants in some sort of perverted sporting event. And, they are ignorant of the fact that they have made the wrong choices in life.

How do we eradicate this dreadful cycle? It begins in the heart of the individual. Until people understand that they are only destroying themselves with their feral behavior, we are going to have trouble. Until men decide to be fathers rather than just sperm donors; until women choose to love their children more than their welfare check; until families are built to be strong and supportive; until people become aware of the fact that hard work is satisfying and until people choose to accept that government is not the answer to their problems there will be senseless violence. Ignorance that leads to a life of violence is a choice. Knowledge that leads to a life of prosperity is also a choice. Building good character is a choice. Self-value, self-discipline, self-control and self-respect are all a choice. The solution is there, but it must be understood and accepted, otherwise, the violence will go on, and people who have chosen to live in it, will have lived their lives in vain.


Hello Dear Reader.

In October of last year, when I shut down both this blog and The Determined Christian, I was uncertain if I would ever be able to reignite them. Thanks to some very generous, supportive and encouraging people, I am back. It is exciting to reconnect with those of you who were loyal readers before, and I hope to welcome some new readers, as well. This blog will always be about content; there will be no advertising. When my e-books are available, I will add a link for you, in case you are interested in purchasing them. Once in a while there will be a link in a post that will take you to something I think you will find interesting, but there will be not tricks. My purpose here is to provoke thought that will promote positive action.

A lot has happened in the seven months since my last blog-post. The world we are living in is spinning out of control more and more every day. The violence in our beautiful country and the constant threat of terrorists hurting our citizens is heavy on our hearts. The corruption in government at all levels makes us angry. The fear of what the future will be like for the children in our lives is overwhelming. This mess that we face has been decades in the making, but the downfall of the last few years has accelerated the damage. If we are to even begin to repair the wounds caused by the leftist/socialist agenda, we must work diligently and prepare ourselves for the task that is before us; fixing our country. Our current president and his minions have caused a lot of destruction that has resulted in absolute chaos within communities across the nation. We sat quiet and did nothing for too long. It is time for us to do something.  The 2016 election is only a year and a half away; we need to roll up our sleeves and get busy. First, we need to pray! Pray for divine guidance and, as our Founding Fathers did, pray for God’s Providence. There is no doubt that we can prevail against the evil that has invaded our country, but we have to be willing.

In the coming days, weeks and months, this blog will be here to support and encourage Christian morals and Conservative values. God, family and country! If you wish to receive the posts I write via email, please subscribe to this blog (if you get annoyed you can always unsubscribe). It is my prayer that we can have an open, civilized conversation about the issues we face, and work together toward maintaining our Freedom and restoring the excellence that is America. Complacency is not an option!