Book Review – The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends


TC Avey is the author of this wonderful book and she also writes the great blog,    Wisdom of a Fool.

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is a short book that consists of three separate conversations between husbands and their wives. Each of these conversations is a glimpse into the intense personal relationships of couples facing tragic times due to the loss of Christianity in America. These distinct exchanges between these couples are eye-opening and heart-wrenching. I read this book all the way through in about an hour and sat here, stunned. TC has an extraordinary way of using fiction to shed light on reality. While this book is fiction, it is also a deep, thought-provoking look at some of the things we fear could happen in our country if we don’t start doing something.

At the end of each chapter, TC proposes questions to further provoke thought. I studied each question and found myself answering with Scripture in mind. At the end of the book is a great list of resources and links to articles that show, very clearly, that reality isn’t so far removed from fiction.

The gist of The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is the blatant removal of Christianity from America and the results of such a tragedy. Politically speaking, we must preserve Christianity in order to preserve liberty, because no other religion or political system is capable of supporting freedom as Christianity does. Countries that have completely removed Jesus Christ from their political systems are nothing more than slave states powered by tyrants.

TC paints a bleak picture of what America without Christianity would be like. However, she also shines a great light on the Hope that we have in Jesus Christ. I believe her purpose in writing this book is to open the reader’s eyes to the dangers we face and promote action toward preserving our freedom.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

~William Wilberforce~

Are you willing to face reality? I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Once you read it, you will start looking at everything that is going on in America in a new way. It is my prayer that everybody reads it; that everybody starts praying, and that everybody stands up and fights for our freedom.

To get a closer look and perhaps purchase it, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you TC Avey for having courage in your convictions and for writing this great book.

Freedom is Calling – Guest Post by TC Avey

Freedom is Calling

Have you ever heard the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility”?

Have you ever considered that FREEDOM is a power? That it comes with great responsibility?

As an American Christian I live in abundant freedom.

Under the U.S. Constitution, no one can take away my “unalienable rights” without due process of law.

Under the Cross of Calvary, my Salvation was purchased at no cost to me and I am now free from the penalty of sin and death.

I am FREE!

I am also Responsible.

I’m responsible for my conduct, again, both as an American and as a Christian.

As an American, I must abide by the laws of the very Constitution that grants me liberty.

As a Christian, I am challenged do die daily to myself and follow my Savior.

As an American, I should help preserve the Constitution and the liberty I enjoy through various patriotic acts, such as voting and helping American’s understand their rights. I can also exercise my rights through the gifts given to me by my God.

As a Christian, I am called to use my gifts and abilities to further God’s kingdom and to share His love with others.

Together, these Rights and Responsibilities mean I am NOT free to live a life of selfish indulgence.

The world tries to tell me what my “rights” are: The right to have fun, to have things handed to me and so on.

But the world is wrong.

Being an American, and a Christian, means life is about more than me and my pleasure.

I must work to ensure others are afforded all the same liberties I enjoy.

Not just here in America, but around the world.

But I’m not sure everyone really WANTS this type of freedom…at least not if it is attached to such a high price.

We like all like our freedoms, but do we like them enough to WORK to keep them?

My book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, confronts people with this hard truth.

Freedom comes at a price.

Freedom is worth preserving.

Freedom is for everyone.

Freedom is in danger of eroding under the “rights” the world is peddling.

While many are deluded into believing freedom should cost them nothing, others are working to take their freedoms away.

My book will challenge you to view the world differently.

To view Christianity differently.

America may not always be free.

But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom…and NO ONE can take that freedom away.

But you can give it away.

It’s up to you.

Freedom, and its responsibilities, are calling.

Will you answer?

BIO- TC Avey is a Christian devoted to God, family and friends. She is passionate about encouraging Christians to live a life dedicated to Christ as well as helping them understand the importance of preserving our national freedoms through knowledge and love. She blogs at Wisdom of a Fool. You can also follow her on Twitter. Her book,   The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, is available on Amazon, April 7th.







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Until next time! May God bless you with strength, courage and wisdom.

Evil is as Evil Does

There is a growing sentiment across our nation that the circumstances we are facing are caused by evil. The growing and overwhelming government encroaching into every aspect of our personal lives leaves us without the freedoms that America once offered to the entire world.  Moral decay has increased in our communities to what may seem to be a point of no return.  We deal with Spiritual Warfare within our families, neighborhoods and even in Church.  Yes, evil is here; it always has been. We have the choice to let evil grow and completely take over our lives, or we can recognize it and fight it.

The title of the book I am about ready to publish is A Declaration of War: Fighting Evil in the 21st Century. After much prayer and research I have compiled information that will help my readers recognize the evil we face in government, community, family, church and personally. I firmly believe that you must first recognize your enemy and get to know him before you can fight him.  Once the enemy has been understood, then the War against him may begin.  Fighting evil is not pretty, but it is necessary in order for freedom to prevail. In this book I will also describe a few ways to fight the evil and, perhaps, help my readers to stand strong in their convictions against it.

Also, I am writing an e-book that describes the wonderful grace that God offers us. A Wretch Like Me is a brief, simple look at the many ways God comforts and guides us in our daily journeys. The first book is about fighting evil; the second is about enjoying good.

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It is my prayer that my feeble words may be able to reach into the darkness and bring a little Light into the lives of my readers. Yes, evil is as evil does, but we must also recognize that Good is as Good does. Please consider helping me get my work into the hands and hearts of people who need to be encouraged in these precarious times we live in. Every little bit helps get me closer to my goal. And, please pray that these projects I am asking you to support will be fruitful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you are interested, please click on this:


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A Bold Move

Write Edit 1

Then He said to them, “Suppose one of you has a friend, and he goes to him at midnight and says, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, because a friend of mine on a journey has come to me, and I have nothing to set before him.”

“Then the one inside answers, ‘Don’t bother me. The door is already locked, and my children are with me in bed. I can’t get up and get you anything.’ I tell you, though he will not get up and give him the bread because he is his friend, yet because of the man’s boldness he will get up and give him as much as he needs.”

(Luke 11:5-8 NIV)

Dear Reader, I am about to do something very bold; start a crowd-funding account to see if I can gather the funds to get a book to the publisher and to keep my 2 blogs up and running for the next year.  The economy is terrible and people all across the country are having a hard time making ends meet (including me), so this move I am making doesn’t come on a whim. After a lot of prayer and research I have found that crowd-funding is a popular and growing industry. People from all walks of life with many different purposes have crowd-funding accounts set up to gather money for everything from medical emergencies to taking that once-in-a-lifetime vacation. My reason for doing this is simple; I want to get my book(s) published and be able to keep writing both Voice of a Patriot and The Determined Christian.

Most of you know that I have a 24/7 responsibility taking care of my Mom (age 84). I don’t get paid money to do this, but the rewards I reap are countless blessings. Taking care of Mom is the greatest thing God has ever allowed me to do. However, God has also compelled me to write; that is why I started the blogs. I do not advertise on the blogs because I do not want to take the chance that an advertising agency might place something on my blog that would not be pleasing to my readers. Yes, you can write a blog for “free”, if you can afford to keep up with the costs that support it. My blogs are supported by a Web Host, and really, that doesn’t cost very much, but Interned service and electricity in the rural area I live in are expensive, so the actual cost of keeping both blogs over $1,000 a year.

I have a manuscript almost completed that I would like to submit to WestBow Publishing (a division of Nelson Publishing). I have had a couple of very nice conversations with WestBow and feel comfortable that my book will be published with the utmost of professionalism and care. This working title for this book is A Declaration of War: Fighting Evil in the 21st Century. In this book I will describe some of the evils we face in our government, community, family and our personal lives and try to give some solutions to help fight that evil. Going through WestBow means that I must pay for a publishing package that allows the book to be available in hardback, paperback and e-book forms.

Because I have been spending a lot of time researching things that are evil, I also have a project in the works that is about good; A Wretch Like Me. This will be a long, thoughtful look at the amazing Grace God offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ. This book will be published through Smashwords, which is a free e-book publisher, but because I am a technidiot I will have to have a professional format it for me. This book will be available as an e-book only.

Mom and I joked about venturing into the world of internet panhandling, but really this is a serious matter. The reason I write is to provoke thought and promote positive action. Writing is not a ‘dream’ for me; it is my purpose, indeed it is my ministry. If you are interested in helping me achieve my goals, please click on this link:

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Personal Best

Watching the Winter Olympics is such an inspiration to me. Skilled and talented athletes who strive not just to win a medal, but to achieve their personal best at their chosen sport are exciting to watch and a pleasure to root for. Sometimes that personal best is not enough to win a medal, but it is always the goal of the athlete to do better this time than last time, and to do better next time than this.  We cheer that determination for excellence in our athletes, but sadly, America does not encourage that same spirit in our everyday lives.

Last week a government agency declared that the Affordable Care Act encourages people to work less (or not to work at all) because they would rather the government pay for their health insurance than work harder to make more money, so they can pay for it on their own. This is a very sad statement about the complacent culture that has spread throughout America. When did it become acceptable to stop struggling to achieve personal best in our lives? What happened to people working toward the goals of achieving the American dream? Why have we let the lazy and corrupt infiltrate our culture with mediocrity? How do we get back on the path toward excellence?  The answers to these questions are not easy, because answering them requires seeking truth. Truth can be ugly, but it is always the best way.

The beginning of our downfall came with the government’s implementation of Social Security. At that point, government began to discourage Citizens from saving their own money. The last time America was truly united in spirit was during World War II.  Since the middle 1940’s individuals have pursued personal gain and have ignored the growing and over-reaching government.  In these last 70 years an unfathomable amount of laws and regulations have been passed and implemented; each one taking away a little bit of our freedom.

Schools and their government handlers have encouraged sloth among our young people by allowing them to fail and promoting them anyway. They are told they must have a college education in order to have any sort of success in life. When young people graduate, very few of them are able to find a job; mostly because even though they are educated, many of them do not have the skills necessary to do a job. The importance of a college education is fallacy. Perhaps in elitist circles it is important, but here in the real world if you don’t know how to do anything, you are not going to go very far. Innovation comes from imagination, and imagination is discouraged by our entire educational system. Students spend too much time in the classroom being indoctrinated into socialist ideas and little or no time learning the basics they will need in life. Students who cannot read, write or do arithmetic should not be promoted to the next grade, but they are. Students who are not capable of simple problem-solving and life skills (like balancing a check book) should not be able graduate to the next level of education. When teachers do not have the ability to do these things; we cannot expect them to teach others. Through the indoctrination of the socialist agenda in our schools, we have cultivated an entire culture of slothful people who have no common sense nor do they have any idea of personal responsibility.

We have allowed lazy and corrupt individuals to set themselves up in places of power and influence. Government bureaucracies on every level from local dog catcher’s office up to the office of the President have become swollen with people who manage to line their own pockets with tax-payer’s hard earned dollars while growing their power over the Citizenry. America was designed to be a Nation with a powerful Citizenry and a limited government, but we have turned that around by allowing bureaucrats and unions to expand their power. The American People cannot sustain the bureaucracies and unions (period). Hard-working individuals who abide by the laws and pay their taxes are becoming a thing of the past. We have a growing culture of people who expect to be paid for doing nothing. Sooner or later, innovative, hard-working individuals will take their imaginations and their skills to other countries, and America will wallow in the muck of it’s own apathy.

The driving force behind the apathy of the people of this nation is the media. With a few exceptions, most of the media is more interested in distracting the Citizenry from the truth of what is going on than actually reporting the truth.  We have made celebrities out of pseudo-journalists who make their stories more about themselves than the subject they are supposedly covering.  They rush in to “interview” people with nothing more in mind than exploiting an angle that may (or may not) get them better ratings (or a cushier place in the media food-chain).  The media have become the propaganda machine of the increasingly power-hungry government and it seems their sole purpose is to deflect the Nation’s attention so we do not see as they destroy our Freedom. In order to be free, a nation must have a media that puts emphasis on truth and avoids the pitfalls of self-promoting manipulators, exploitative attention-seekers and liars.

Olympic athletes struggle to hone their talents and skills. They train every day to reach that element of perfection that will help them attain a personal best. They will give proper credit to their trainers, coaches and families for helping and supporting them in their journey. But, they know that all the help in the world does not get them that medal; it takes personal responsibility, hard work and the desire to be the best. Sometimes circumstances beyond their control keep them from standing on the podium to have that medal placed around their necks. The athletes who reach their personal best but come short of the medal will go back to work. For the next 4 years they will train harder and they will focus more intently. They will look beyond the personal best they achieved today and elevate the bar for tomorrow.  They will place expectations on their own abilities and strive for excellence. The truth is, we need to cultivate that same attitude in every aspect of American life. The truth is, we need to turn our backs on people who promote apathy and require those who expect to be paid for doing nothing to get off their butts and go to work. The truth is, our freedom depends on us! America has a personal best and we will achieve it if we stand strong and stand together to do so. Once we reach that excellence, we must be willing to maintain it by surpassing it each day. Circumstances are keeping America from excelling. It is high-time we change those circumstances and make sure they are in our favor.

May God bless us with the wisdom, strength and courage to fight the evil that is taking America down   the dark path to socialism.


The Oldest Trick in the Book

Have you spent time wondering why Conservatives lose in elections? Have you watched election returns, hoping for a good result, only to be heart-broken?  Consider this: Divide and Conquer is the oldest trick in the book of war.  America has been in the throes of political war since the beginning. The arena of ideas is constantly fluctuating and the result is a Citizenry in chaos. Conservatives are divided, and that is a problem.

The liberals have something that we Conservatives do not have; unity. Most (if not all) liberals want the same things. They want free abortions and contraceptives; they demand free health care; they expect government to coddle them and give them what they want without consequence; they want to change the meaning of marriage, and they require tolerance from others that they, themselves, are not willing to show to others. They are like-minded.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are more diverse in their thinking. We have fiscal Conservatives who just want the economy to grow and to heck with all that other stuff.  There are social Conservatives who spend all their time judging the thoughts, words and actions of others. Then we have the libertarian Conservatives who don’t want the government taking away their secret stash of marijuana.  There is a vast difference between Conservatives, yet we all have a common goal; Freedom.

The mainstream media has a field day with the differing viewpoints within the Conservative population. Because of our ideological differences, we are a target. Conservatives have been labeled as bigoted, homophobic, racist and greedy. The vast majority of people who get all of their news from the mainstream media believe these labels. They refuse to have a civilized conversation with a Conservative to find out what is really behind the ideology, because they have been indoctrinated to believe that we are filled with hate. Just the opposite is true, but getting the truth about Conservatism out has become increasingly difficult. The liberal bias in the media has been a thorn in America’s side for many decades. The only way to fight it is to learn how to speak up.  Some Conservatives in media try, but they cannot reach the people we can. Talk radio is very popular. Yet, Conservatives cannot come together on that either.  One host is popular with one group while another host is the guy others listen to. There is no one person who is capable of speaking for all of us, and we should not expect there to be.  National media is not the only game in town. We should support and encourage our local Conservative media as well. If you know of a local Conservative in the media, or someone on the internet who shouts Conservative values, share the information with others. Perhaps we can counter some of the rubbish that is thrown at us daily with some good old-fashioned Common Sense. (At the end of this post I will make such a suggestion)

All across the nation there are grassroots organizations trying to unite and encourage Conservatives.  It is a difficult task, and some of these organizations are in it for the money not the cause. A true grassroots effort begins in every Conservative home and works its way out from there.  We as individuals gathering information and sharing with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers are the greatest force to fight for freedom. Like-minded people need to gather together and build strong community activism. From local dog-catcher on up, we need to support and encourage our Conservative candidates. Candidates who put the party first and the people last need to be removed from office.  We have to realize that all of the issues are important. We cannot have fiscal prosperity without morals. In order for a society to prosper, there must be moral accountability. The disintegration of the traditional family and moral decay have led to higher crime rates, more disease (and other health problems) and more poverty than the mainstream media would ever report. We must have laws in our nation in order to keep from having pure chaos. Freedom does not mean everybody does their own thing, no matter what. Freedom means we respect the laws and change the ones that do not bode well for our culture. Conservatives must realize that all of the issues are connected, and they are all important. If we do not come together on all issues, we can expect to lose our country to socialism. I don’t know about you, but that is unacceptable to me.

The Declaration of Independence clearly spells out the reasons for our separation from the tyranny of the British Crown. The Constitution ensures us that We the People own this country.  The tyranny we face today should not be! And to those who disregard the term tyranny, I invite you to take a good long look at the history of Communism. When government starts eradicating the rights of it’s people it snowballs until complete submission to the will of that government is mandatory. Giving up just one right means giving up all rights and that leads to oppression. Our government was not designed to be over-powering; it was designed to be limited, so the Citizenry may enjoy Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It is time that we returned to that original design.

Conservatives, we need to stop fighting each other and start fighting together. All of the issues we face are important to the prosperity and good health of our Country. If we support and encourage each other and our Conservative values we will prevail and America will survive.  If we continue to be divided, we will most certainly lose America to the abyss of socialism. We need not let the oldest trick in the book be our downfall.


A Conservative radio show that I highly recommend is hosted by Beth Ann (follow her on Twitter @CscBeth ) on CSC Talk Radio.  The program runs for 1 hour a day, Monday through Friday. You can find a local radio station or listen via podcast. Just go to the site and click on ‘Listen’ for the list of options. Beth Ann is a true Conservative and brings much needed common sense into the political conversation.

Baby, it is Cold Outside!

In the last week there have been record low temperatures across North America, and the snake oil salesmen are blaming it on (you guessed it) global warming.  Yes! It is cold, so it must be global warming; it is hot, so it must be global warming; it is wet, so it must be global warming; it is dry, so it must be global warming. The media has a field day every time there is a weather event, because they get to put on their pompoms and shout the Al Gore mantra of global warming.  It is ridiculous!

There are scientists who proclaim this global warming fiasco as truth and there are scientists who say it is a bunch of hogwash. Who do you believe?  The ignorant masses have fallen for the Henny Penny, “The sky is falling!” idiocy because they will believe anything their leftist heroes (Hollywood and political) will tell them. These same people have abandoned all forms of Common Sense in order to flow with the politically correct tide. Perhaps if they understood that the earth has gone through meteorological cycles of warming and cooling since the beginning, they would see the error of their ways.  Maybe if these same imbeciles understood that weather cycles have a lot more to do with tectonic and volcanic activity around the globe, than with humanity’s greed and inventions, they would be able to relax and enjoy life.  Sadly, there are a lot of gullible people out there who cannot fathom the fact that their heroes in Hollywood are wrong about anything.

The new compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) are a perfect example of how we have let idiocy run rough-shod over our culture. Environmentalists have fought tooth and nail for energy reforms. These same lunatics are the ones who demand that we protect everything that is sacred to the environmental movement. In their zeal to protect people they have managed to get good ol’ incandescent light bulbs outlawed, and replaced with the CFL’s which are full of mercury, and quite hazardous not only to the environment, but also to the people who use them.  For what?  In the name of protecting the environment by lowering energy needs the government (at the direction of environmentalists) has taken away a freedom! I have a CFL in my entry way. If I turn the thing on 20 minutes before I want to see anything, I’m doing okay, but if I want light immediately, I use a flashlight.

There are many aspects to this global warming/environmental issue. In future posts I will most certainly address several of these issues. For now, there are people freezing their toes off, and to hear some pundit or Hollywood numskull proclaim that it is because of global warming has me angry. For crying out loud! It is winter! Common sense tells us that here in North America it gets cold in winter. Meanwhile, people like Al Gore and those who have pushed the global warming agenda down our throats are rolling in the money that the ignorant masses have handed over to them, and our government is finding more ways to oppress the nation and take more of your freedom away.

This absurdity must end. If we are to remain a free country; if we are to prosper as a nation and a people then we must return to Common Sense! Make the global warming advocates step out of the way while the snow plow clears a path for us.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Every year at this time people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions.  They vow to lose weight, eat healthier, get a better job and be nicer to the people around them. The resolutions are made with a sincere heart, but within a few weeks those good intentions are a dim, distant memory.  For a lot of us, New Year’s resolutions are somewhat of joke; we laugh when we make them, never intending to keep them.  Sadly, our culture is quite prone to getting excited about important things and then quickly forgetting about them.

We have a mid-term election coming in just about eleven months. Americans will spout their ideas and demand a change in Washington; they will make signs and stand on the street corner to let everybody know what they think; they will attend Town Hall meetings and try to out-shout the competition; they will wear political tee shirts and hand out propaganda; they will do their best to let the whole world know they are active in the process; and when Election Day comes they will be too busy to go to the polls.  We see this same thing every election cycle. There is great patriotism and fervor among the citizens and then there is apathy.

There is no shortage of experts who will tell us what we need to do. If we listened to all of them we would be in a worse state of chaos than we are already in. One pundit will say, “We need to do it my way,” another will demand, “If we don’t do things the way I say, we’re going to lose.”  The truth is, none of us has all the answers, and listening to the pundits and following their skewed instructions has shown to be a disaster for America.  Our Founding Fathers would be so very disappointed in the way we have abandoned the Constitution and the principles with which our Nation was built. Perhaps the best advice we can follow is to return to the Constitution and Founding principles, and leave this downward spiral into socialism behind.

The economy is usually first (and rightly so) on everybody’s list of what we need to fix. The Federal Government has become a slovenly, hungry parasite that has attached itself to the American people and is sucking the life right out of the American Dream. Rather than learn from history and the failed socialist policies in other countries, the leftist Elites (from both major political parties) are determined to implement rules, regulations and taxes on the Citizens in a play for absolute power over the populace. They are helped along by ignorant masses of people who refuse to believe that they are capable of living their own lives apart from the overwhelming control of the government. Capitalism works! When people are Free to use imagination, innovation and perseverance the economy grows and flourishes. The (so-called) Affordable Care Act is just the latest in a long line of liberty-erasing messes that has been imposed on the American people by politicians whose sole purpose is to line their own pockets and remain in power over the citizenry.  Our country was not designed to be about government control over the people. Our country was built to be a Free nation where government should be minimal in order for the citizenry to have the liberty to make a better life for themselves and the generations to follow.  A quick look at the Declaration of Independence shows that the reasons our Founding Fathers wanted to separate from the British Crown include over-reaching government regulations, taxes and a flawed judicial system. The pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness cannot be successful if government oppresses the people.

2013 was a year of great distress for many people. We see diminishing freedom and growing government and it cuts to the very core of our being.  The escalating cost of living and the eradication of personal liberties are bringing frustration, depression and anger into the average American home. Certain factions of our culture have demanded that we abandon our Constitutional rights so that they may live their lives in blatant hedonism, while chastising people who prefer to live according to Biblical principles. Moral decay is nothing new, but in the last five years the decay has intensified. The fact is, when a people lives in a morally disciplined way, everybody benefits because there is less crime, disease and poverty.  We have become a culture that places no value on human life or the Providence of God, and yet we wonder why there is so much suffering.  It is remarkably evil.

The answers to the problems we face can only be found within our own willingness to fix those problems. If we are unwilling to fight the parasite of overwhelming government; if we do not stand up for moral principles; if we are not prepared to fight the evil in our midst; if we cannot find the time to be active in defending our freedom then we can expect to live in a state of oppression, over-seen by a despotic body of power-hungry politicians. We still have avenues to follow to repair the damage done and get our country back on the right track. If we are willing to stand strong and stand together in our convictions we have a chance. If we let apathy control us we will lose everything.  The first order of business should be to push hard to eradicate the Affordable Care Act because it is the biggest threat to our Freedom.

So, tell me, Patriot, are you ready for the fight? Will you work with me to get rid of the same old power-grabbing politicians and replace them with people who love this country? Will you help me elect candidates who put the People first, and the Party last? Will you stand with me against tyranny?  We can do this, if we do it together!

May God give us the strength, courage and wisdom needed to preserve the United States of America. Amen.

End of Year Random Thoughts

No one could have predicted as we close the year 2013 A.D. that the United States of America would be in such terrible shape.  The list of things that have gone wrong in the past several decades is long, but the escalation of socialism that has invaded our shores like a fatal disease, in the last 5 years, is unprecedented.  The current president and his minions have managed to cut to the very core of our nation with their destructive and divisive ways. The advent of the Affordable Care Act, along with a plethora of Executive Orders and poor leadership in Congress has placed America on the edge of the Abyss. Oh, how Satan must be dancing with absolute glee.

Perhaps the most destructive policies of the current administration are those that divide the people in our nation and cause ethnic, educational, generational, religious and financial rifts. Our current president, and those who cling to him like barnacles on the bottom of a sea-going refuse barge, have been very busy bolstering the lazy and the unproductive while oppressing the innovative and hard-working.  With more people among our population living off of government assistance than are working full-time, we have realized the nightmare of generations past.  The government has managed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and yet there are those who demand that government grow even bigger and become even more intrusive.  These are the same people who demand tolerance of moral decay and ostracize anyone who advocates for true Freedom.  Our Founding Fathers would weep if they could see what has become of the nation that they gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to build.

My writing has suffered lately. In the last few weeks I have taken a break from my computer and from Twitter (the only social media I am part of).  The abundance of bad news and worse news was getting to me. It seems like every day the news media is trying to out-do itself with vile and profane stories. And yes, those stories seem to be flooding our airwaves and the internet in volumes too large to measure.  Every once in a while there is a nice story or one that lifts the spirits and gives hope to a broken heart, but the corruption of our world has overcome us.  When I first signed up to Twitter, it was a lot of fun and I have discovered some really wonderful people through my daily chats. However, Twitter drama can be a drag. When Christians attack other Christians; when conservatives attack other conservatives; when atheists and liberals attack everybody, and when decent people allow themselves to wallow in the muck with those who do not know better, it gets ugly.  There have been times when I have signed into Twitter and discovered lewd photos, disgraceful graphics and profanity that would make swearing sailors blush.  Unlike some of my fellow Twitter users, I ignore most of it. If I don’t like what someone tweets, I don’t follow them, or in some cases, I block them. Being offended isn’t something I get all bent out of shape over (usually).  I don’t debate with liberals or atheists on Twitter, because it doesn’t do any good. There are those who like to engage in colorful debates; I applaud them. I do believe that some people need to get over themselves and realize that they are not the only inhabitant on the planet.

Anyway, I have been working on an e-book that may or may not be ready to publish sometime after the first of the year. I am writing about Spiritual Warfare. Yes, it is an intense subject, but one that we must consider as we look around and see the destructive policies in our government and how those policies encroach upon and destroy our Freedom. We, as Americans, have a tremendous job ahead of us in restoring our Nation to its glory.  We have to fight for the same freedom that our Founding Fathers fought for in the Revolutionary War. We stand to lose every Freedom we have if we don’t get serious about this.  As long as people are too busy worrying about silly personality conflicts among certain groups, we are sunk!  As long as people are more concerned about the party on Friday night, or the sports scores for the week, than they are concerned about the fact that the government is sucking up our Freedoms one by one; we are losing. We are fast approaching the mid-term elections of 2014. We have the opportunity to do something positive and make way for the eradication of the socialist parasite that has diseased our nation for too long. Will we do it? Do Americans have the strength, courage and wisdom it takes to fight for our Freedom?  I pray that we do.

God in Heaven, in Your Holy Name, please help us fight the evil that has taken over our beautiful nation and restore your Name to Glory here. Amen.