The Root of the Problem

On Wednesday evening a young man attended a prayer meeting in Charleston, South Carolina and killed 9 people before he left the church building. This is just another in a long line of such tragedies. Leftists are turning the tragic deaths of those 9 God-fearing people into a political circus.  Media clowns and their side-show followers have blamed Fox News, the NRA and anything else that has even a hint of Conservative attached to it for the gunman’s actions. It is the same tired story they’ve told over and over again. When some lunatic goes on a shooting spree, leftists try to dig up some nefarious connection with a Conservative group, and when they cannot find anything, they just make it up because their audience will believe any of the rubbish they are fed.

If you take a brief look at the mass shootings that have happened in America you find some striking similarities. Whether in a school, a mall, a movie theater, a military base or in a church, all of the gunmen have had one thing in common; they were all evil cowards. All of the targets were places where the people who were killed should have felt safe. All of the targets were people who were just going about their own business of living. All of the killers were cowards out to make a name for themselves, and they did; at the expense of innocent people and their grieving families. And, after every tragedy, the leftist media and their groupies have taken the opportunity to blame Christians and/or Conservatives and the 2nd Amendment for the problem. The media has neglected to report another striking similarity between all the killers; they are mostly left-wing, socialist-thinking crazies who are either on too many drugs or not enough.

The fact of the matter is that evil exists! It exists in almost every aspect of life and we each have the choice to succumb to it or to fight it. The root of the problem is not race or political affiliation; it is not that law-abiding citizens own guns and it is not the product of Conservative ideology. The root of the problem is evil; pure and simple. In this politically correct culture it has become a no-no to label anything or anyone (except Christians and Conservatives) as evil. But, if we don’t get a handle on this downward spiral of moral and cultural decay (driven by evil), we can expect more tragedies for the liberal/socialist media and their fanatic sycophants to celebrate. We must stop allowing evil to be ‘fought’ with evil, because it only perpetuates the problem. It is time to start fighting evil with good, and start making choices that will encourage people to seek Light instead of darkness.

The people of Charleston deserve better.  All Americans deserve better. Cowards and their skewed agendas should not be allowed to take innocent lives just so they can get their name in the news. It isn’t right, but it happens. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who were murdered in their own church. May God give them comfort, knowing their loved ones are in His Kingdom dancing and singing in the Glory of God.



Tuesday November 8, 2016 will be the day we elect a new President of the United States of America. It will either be a very good day for Americans, or it will be a horrible day. The next 16 and a half months are going to be exciting and grueling.  The Republican field is already crowded and there will be more. The Debate Season will start in August (for a schedule click here). The candidates all have their own diverse following; some have moderate followers, while others have staunch conservative supporters, and then there are the followers who fawn over their candidate like they would a childhood crush on the pop-star of the week. Each candidate has a mix of strength and weakness. It is up to the American people to sort through the coming chaos and vote for the candidate of their choice.

We must not forget that on that same day, we will be choosing U.S. Senators, Congressional Representatives, State Legislators and a multitude of local office holders. It is imperative that we search out the best candidates. We must be familiar with the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues.  It is of utmost importance that we engage the entire process. Know who you are or are not going to vote for and why.  Be willing to hold their feet in the fire not just during the election season, but also once they are elected. Every elected official needs to be reminded on a regular basis that they work for us! We the People own the government, not the other way around.

The rhetoric from the liberal/socialists will be pandemic! Because the mainstream media are all nothing more than demoncrat hucksters, we can expect nothing but lies about Conservative candidates and we can expect nothing but soft coverage of the leftist candidates. The distractions will be many. The freakish activists will be out in force trying to push their deviant agenda into the face of every American. The World will be watching; some with hope that we will finally get our act together and fix the mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into, and some will be frothing at the bit hoping that we fall further into the abyss of our own destruction. We have a chance to overcome the devastation that has been caused by decades of complacency, but we must be willing to fight and to tell the truth (even if it offends). The liberal/socialist parasite that has sucked the life out of our great country needs to be stopped and it is up to us to do it.

My friends, don’t let the rhetoric get to you. Rise above it, pray for strength and pray for the restoration of America. May God bless us in this journey.


Random Thoughts 6/7/15


1)  It is no secret that I am a staunch supporter of Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy for President. Now that he has announced he is in the race, I am excited for the opportunity to promote his campaign. It is not my intention to bash the other Republican candidates in the race, but if they do something that requires attention, I will mention it.  Also, if Governor Perry does something that I disagree with, I will bring that to light as well.

2)  The Celebrity Freak Show that oozes from the muck of Reality TV continues to pollute our modern culture. The Jenner person and the pervert from the really big family seem to be the topics of choice for a lot of people. Gee! I wonder what would happen if the gossips and various other idiots out there would just ignore the freaks and their rabid pursuit of attention? Maybe we could focus some more important stuff.

3)  A particular news story garnered quite a bit of attention this week, but for the wrong reasons. I do not want to discuss the reporter or the internet news site that published the story, because they don’t need my promotion. They reported something about a Republican candidate’s policy without all of the facts! The result was that a lot of people believed it.  Here is my advice to internet news readers; learn to research, and do not trust until you have verified!

4)  Twice in this last week my Christianity has been attacked by other Christians of a different denomination. It has been insinuated that because I do not belong to this particular denomination, I am not Saved. For the record: I am Saved by the Grace and the Blood of Jesus Christ. I don’t go around telling people that their Salvation is in question because they belong to a different denomination than mine, and I don’t appreciate being condemned by others.

5)  The other evening I received a telephone call from the Republican National Committee. The young man who called asked for me by name and then proceeded to read from a prepared script telling me that I should renew my membership and donate. I tried several times to speak and he kept reading from his script, only allowing me a couple of words. This is indicative of the way the RNC treats the voting citizens of this country; they want us to fork over our money and shut up. The RNC has forced upon us candidates that have lost in the last several elections, and perhaps it is time they realized that it is We the People who will choose the candidates and not a bunch of political, elitist hacks in the Party Leadership. Needless to say, the RNC can bite me! I will not send them one red cent! In my opinion, only the candidates we choose to support should be afforded the luxury of receiving our hard-earned money.

That is enough randomness for today. May God bless you as you go about your week, and may He bless America.

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Free Exercise

First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Framers of the Constitution made it very clear; Government has no business getting involved in religion. In the last century the 1st Amendment has been twisted and distorted to the point that our Government now violates the Framers intention almost every day. This phrase was inserted so that the People would be protected against a government instituting a state religion.  The Wall of Separation between church and state is not mentioned in the Constitution; that was in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Church in Danbury, Connecticut, assuring them that the Constitution would protect their religious liberty from being infiltrated by the Government.

So, what has happened? Why are religious liberties so convoluted in our current culture? Well, the simple answer for the Christian is that evil has invaded our country. The more secular answer would be that socialism has invaded our system (yes, I just repeated myself). Those who push the liberal/socialist agenda do not like the last part of that phrase; or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  The so-called civil rights of people turned away from Christian businesses has all but eradicated that phrase. But, at its foundation, it is about persecution of Christians and free enterprise is being destroyed because of it.

If you have a domestic automobile and you take it to a mechanic who only works on foreign cars, do you sue the mechanic because he won’t work on your car? No! You take your car to a different mechanic. However, if a baker cites his Christian faith as a reason not to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, instead of using common sense and going to another baker, the couple sues and the baker goes out of business. When this happens, the liberal/socialist agenda wins in two ways; first, they get their dig in at Christianity and second, they destroy a private business.  There are no conspiracy theories here, just facts. The liberal/socialist agenda works throughout culture to indoctrinate the masses into thinking that government is a god, and should be the provider of all things to all people.

History shows us what happens in countries where Christians were persecuted and free enterprise was removed; the State becomes god and all citizens are oppressed. It is fallacy to think that removing the rights of Christians to conduct their business according to their Faith will somehow manifest in more Liberty for Americans.  When Citizens, no matter what their faith, commit an actual crime, they are afforded the luxury of due process.  But, in a culture where a Citizen can be sued for saying, “Good morning” to someone who is having a bad day, there is no real justice. If a Christian who stands strong in their own faith is persecuted for that faith, the Constitution of the United States of America has been violated.  If one Right is taken away, all rights are taken away. If Christians lose their rights it is only a matter of time before all Citizens lose their rights. Perhaps it would serve Americans well to use common sense and realize that if a baker does not want to bake you a cake, there is another baker down the street who will. It is time for those who pretend to be victims to get over themselves before their actions make real victims of the State of all of us.


Memorial Day


This weekend marks the unofficial start to the summer season. Many Americans will take an extra day or two off of work to celebrate. Some will have back yard barbeques; some will go to a lake, beach or mountains; some will go to a ball game and many will attend a parade. Sadly, there are a lot of Americans who will be so busy having fun they will completely forget what Memorial Day is all about.

From the Revolutionary War to the present, oceans of Patriot blood have been spilled all over the world, to secure, protect and defend American Freedom. Those men and women who have given their lives for our Liberty are to be remembered and honored. Those who choose not to honor the members of the United States Armed Forces who have died for them, are free to disrespect our Nation, but they should be well aware that they would not enjoy that Freedom without the brave individuals who have placed a higher value on that Freedom than they placed on their own lives.

The current state of our Nation is one of absolute turmoil. The lack of respect for the Constitution, our Laws and our Armed Forces is at an all-time high. Yet, our military is still there to protect and defend us. Please take time this weekend to give proper honor to those who have shed their precious blood in order for you to have a back yard barbecue or a ticket to a ball game. Honor those who died so that you may be Free. Pray for those who wear the uniform today! Give thanks to God for your family, your country and for those who maintain your Liberty.

Please take the time to remember each and every member of the United States Armed Services, past and present.