A Wildfire!

Smoke from the Dog Head Fire, June 15, 2016

Smoke from the Dog Head Fire, June 15, 2016

About noon on Tuesday (June 14, 2016), I left the house to go to the grocery store. As I turned out of my drive way I noticed a small plume of smoke to the south and wondered if there was a car on fire on the freeway. I didn’t think much about it and continued on my way to buy milk and bread. During the 10 mile journey to the grocery store, I did what I do every time I run errands; I listened to J.S Bach on the car stereo and enjoyed the scenery. I stopped at the huge-big-honking discount store to get some vitamins and paper towels, and then I drove to the grocery store for my food items. When I exited the grocery store, I noticed southern sky was filled with billowing clouds of smoke from a forest fire. It only took a couple of hours for a small fire to become a blazing inferno.

The fire is over 20 miles away, but the magnitude of it fills the view from my home.  On Wednesday, the fire went from a few hundred acres to a few thousand, burning its way through high-mountain terrain and toward small mountain communities. Smoke from the fire could be seen hundreds of miles away, and for those close by, the dense, thick smoke covered the sky.  Wednesday evening, as I watched the fire’s eerie glow from my dining room window, the political idiocy and issues of the day seemed insignificant (they aren’t, they just seemed it in the moment).  As the smoke-filled sky painted the moon a dark orange-red and obscured the view of the stars in the night sky, my petty worries gave way to a sense of wonder at how God can take something so ugly and still show His beauty.

As of this writing (1:30 a.m. Friday) the fire has scorched 16,000 acres, and it has taken at least 25 structures (homes and/or outbuildings).  We will not know the full extent of the damage for weeks. Tonight, people are staying in evacuation centers, not knowing if their family homes are still standing or not. The community has pulled together to help in any way they can; there are even evacuation areas for the livestock. People are heartbroken and worried. Some of those homes have belonged to the same families of many generations. Meanwhile, hundreds of firefighters and emergency personnel are out there doing their dead-level best to fight a raging monster.

When tragedy strikes, people have no choice but to get real about life. Families come together and communities support their neighbors. Little things that seemed important this morning are now a dim, distant memory. Right here and right now are the only things that truly matter. Whatever calamity happens will end and recovery will begin. People will work together to rebuild and heal. This is where a nation’s strength begins; in the individual, the family and the community.  For the better part of 200 years, America’s strength was in her people, not her government. In recent decades this country’s strength has not only diminished, but our core has atrophied and become almost completely disabled. We’ve lost the moral fortitude that comes from a strong family and community. We’ve gained a nation of selfish idolatry where people would rather spend time with their electronic gadgets than with their loved ones.

In our community tonight, people are concerned for each other; wondering what tomorrow will bring.  We are praying for the safety of those brave individuals who have gone to fight the flames; we are praying for families who may have lost a home; we are praying for those who have lost livestock and hoping against hope that the inferno will leave no casualties. We are focused tonight on what Americans should focus on every night (and every day); our families and our communities. When we put the most important things at the top of our list, everything else will fall into place.

May God give us His mercy.  May He heal our families, our communities and our nation.  Amen.


Another Wake-Up Call

Summer Sunrise - Copy

Yet another terrorist has succeeded in bringing chaos to America.  The liberal/socialist tools are shouting out against guns, Christians and pretty much anything else that they hate. Anything, that is, except the actual issue; jihadists.  There are at least 50 people dead and another 50 (or more) injured, because a radical jihadist who hated everybody, killed or maimed them.  Information will be coming in about this individual for days to come, but we already know that he had a history of making statements against people who do not believe as he did; his employer was afraid to do anything about him because they did not want to offend him; and his Dad is a terrorist sympathizer (all of this information can be found, look it up).

Every time a terrorist succeeds in a scheme to kill just one or many, people lose their bearing and start blaming anything and everything except the perpetrator of the act. The guns and bombs jihadists use are worthless until the trigger is pulled or the detonator activated.  It is the jihadist ideology that pushes jihadists to engage in acts of terror. They firmly believe that infidels must be eradicated. Who qualifies as an infidel? Everyone that is not one of them! Yes, they want to kill all of us. They don’t care if you are Christian, Jewish, atheist or whatever. They don’t care about your education, vocation or social status. They don’t care about your gender, age or race. At the core of their being is a rage-filled hatred that can only be quenched when they kill. Americans need to stop the pansy-ass political correctness rubbish and get real about the threat we face. If someone gets offended because they were profiled and deemed to be a threat, too bad.  Perhaps a lawsuit will cost money, but will it cost lives?  When people travel to known terrorist-supporting countries of their own accord, they need to be thoroughly vetted before being allowed back into America.  If somebody spouts off with jihadist talking points at work, that person needs to be locked up. If threats are made, they need to be met with force. Being tolerant doesn’t work when it comes to jihadists, because they just use that tolerance against their victims. Being proactive against terrorism is a much better way to deal with it than being reactive.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan used the phrase, “Its Morning in America”, in his presidential campaign.  He had a vision of citizens waking up after a long, complacent sleep and working toward securing freedom in all aspects of life.  How many wake-up calls does it take to get people to forget their idiotic, whining, temper-tantrum-throwing complacency?  We’ve been hitting the proverbial snooze button for decades. As we roll over and go back to sleep, the politically correct agenda has invaded our country like a swarm of vermin eating its way through our freedom and security. What does it take to stop it? The answer is simple; it takes us to stop it!

I will leave you with that thought for now, but know that if I sense you have dozed off again, I will start shouting even louder.

Complacency is not an option.

The Battle Within

Hello Dear Reader.  In my last post I stated that I would start writing this blog again after the Primaries. Well, here we are! The race for President of the United States of America is a perverted circus full of evil clowns, con men and profane carnival barkers – all of which are vying for the attention of the American citizen. They don’t want our attention because they have anything good to say; no, just like a bunch of screaming middle-school brats, they want our attention because that is how they gain power over us. It is a level of disgusting that should not exist. That being said, as I move back into the blog-writing groove, I think it is best if I say very little about the presidential race.  In the coming months I will focus on the issues that influence each and every American Citizen.

Matters of concern that we should all be thinking about go far beyond the election. There are bureaucratic fingers reaching into every aspect of our lives and it is causing our freedoms to go up in smoke. Not enough people are alarmed about eradication of our precious liberty.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are far too busy cultivating their own anger and ignorance to notice the missing freedom they had last week, or last month. And, we have an entire generation that has absolutely no idea what true freedom is, because they’ve been sitting in Public Indoctrination Centers (schools) learning about transgender crap, that 2+2 only equals 4 if you truly believe it does, that socialism is just okey dokey and you don’t have to get good grades to get some sort of trophy for your effort (or lack thereof, whichever works in the moment).

The war is raging on! Each battle is within the individual, the family, the community, the political party, etc.  Politicians have either ignored or tried to destroy our rights as spelled out in the Constitution. We as a nation have been too busy chasing the American Dream to pay attention to such annoyances as the political upheaval that ruins those dreams. Those of us who have been paying attention have tried our dead-level best to educate and inform our fellow citizens who find it more comfortable to stick their heads in the sand and just allow the powers that be to come along and kick them in the butt.

Problems with the economy, education, national security, healthcare and a plethora of other issues, are just small battles in the larger war. You can call the eradication of our liberty many names; liberalism, progressivism, fascism or whatever, but let there be no doubt – we are fighting pure evil!  Are we going to address the issues? Or are we going to raise a white flag and allow the overwhelming reach of the government to completely take over our lives? If enough people who love their freedom will stand up, stand strong and stand together we can win the war. But, as I’ve stated, the Battle is Within. It is within you. It is within me.  Complacency is not an option.

Stay tuned, Dear Reader.  We have a country to fight for, so let us do so with the Power of God in our hearts!

Heart of the Matter

Dear Reader,

I am going to suspend posting on this blog until after the Primary season is over, and the country has chosen the nominees that will vie for the Office of President of the United States.

The absolute filth that is being spewed by supporters of all of the candidates has me frustrated, and disillusioned. Have we, as a Nation, really come to this? What would our Founding Fathers think of the kindergarten-inspired idiocy of our modern political system? Did my ancestors fight and die for this?

My voice in this process will not be heard until November.  By the time my state holds its primary election; the rest of the country has already chosen the party’s nominee.  As the Citizens of this country wallow in the muck and the mire of emotional idiocy, instead of having a civilized discourse on the actual issues, I shall focus my attention on writing for God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I invite you to join me at:

The Determined Christian

For the next few months I will be writing about God.  Faith is the Heart of the Matter, and it is always the most important issue. Perhaps we can work together to rebuild America’s Faith.

May God give us the wisdom to know what to do; the strength to do it, and the courage to see it through.



The Simple Truth

There is one issue that effects may others; healthcare. The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) has such a wide influence on American culture, that it may just be the ignition source of our complete destruction.  I don’t have the time to go into all of the ways this horrendous policy effects American life, but here are a few simple truths to consider:

1) One of the ‘selling points’ of the ACA was that it would be so much more affordable than the system we had become used to. That turned out to be a lie. People who had been paying too much to greedy insurance companies found out that they had to pay this new government sanctioned greedy insurance company even more. Premiums have sky-rocketed, and a lot of people have lost vital coverage that they counted on. When Government gets involved in anything it becomes less efficient and more expensive.

2) For years, the minions of accountants, lawyers and private sector bureaucrat parasites have huddled in their offices and devised ways to make more money out of the public and give them less product. Years ago, insurance companies imposed the policies that come between doctors and their patients. A doctor should never have to spend time on paperwork and jumping through hoops to get approval from a low-level, college-graduate, twinkie-eating, bean counter to treat a patient. ALL HEALTHCARE SHOULD BE BETWEEN THE DOCTOR AND THE PATIENT (PERIOD)! Yet, now the government has stepped in, so the quality of care has all but disappeared.

3) One of the reasons for separation listed in the Declaration of Independence states, “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” The ACA is exactly the kind of thing our Founders fought against – a government program (policy) that sets out to eradicate bits and pieces of our freedom, to the point of eating out our substance.

4) The 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America has been assaulted by the government (and non-government entities, as well). Under the ACA, people have been forced to go against their deeply held religious beliefs, or lose their healthcare coverage. The phrase in the Amendment is simple; ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…’ When government tells a Christian business owner that they must offer healthcare insurance that includes abortion, then government is breaching the very covenant that they are supposed to be honoring.

5) Within the ACA, we find that the government is pushing doctors to ask questions of their patients that really have nothing to do with healthcare. One of those questions asks whether or not the patient owns a firearm, and the doctor is ordered to return the information gleaned from these invasive questions to the government. In this, sacred doctor/patient confidentiality is shattered. Also, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution states, ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches….’ Did you get that? We have the right to be secure in our ‘persons’ etc. So, when the government insists that your doctor report your private business back to the government (with NO warrant for the information), your Constitutional right has been violated!

6) Illegal alien, so-called immigrants (I prefer invaders) who, by their very presence on our soil are breaking our law, have a free ride to free healthcare through Obamacare. We’ve been medicating the masses of criminals who come into this country for decades, but the ACA just makes it worse. Perhaps, if the perks that these vermin receive when they come here would disappear, then there would be less incentive for them to come. (This also affects National Security, because people who want to kill us also enjoy what Obamacare offers) The simple truth about our immigration goes forth from cutting off free healthcare to them – if we would enforce the laws we already have, we could get the problem under control.

7) People are now taxed (fined) if they do not have government sanctioned healthcare. Government is requiring the purchase of something, whether you can afford it or not – if not, you will be punished.  Because the Supreme Court went along with this, precedent has been set. Will government make you purchase a cell phone? What about anything else they deem you must have?

8) The only way healthcare will ever be affordable and beneficial is to get the government, bureaucrats, accountants, lawyers and MBA minions out of it! If healthcare is returned into the hands of doctors and their patients, everybody wins.

There is more! But for here and now, that is enough. The ACA, at its very core, is Socialized Medicine. There are three candidates in the race for President of the United States who are advocates for Socialized Medicine (and therefore advocates for government oppression of people’s rights). Those candidates are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  The simple truth is this: If a candidate is ‘okay’ with taking one right away, then he or she will be willing to take all of our rights away.  Anyone who votes for a candidate, who would take one of our rights, is voting for a candidate that will take all of our rights. Is that what our Founding Fathers and generations of Patriots since the beginning of our country fought for? Did they want the Constitution wadded up and thrown into the fire? I don’t think so. I believe they would weep if they saw what has happened to America, and once the tears were wiped away, they would pray and with great resolve they would defend and maintain the Constitution.

The mess we are in cannot be fixed by one candidate. It took a long time to sink this low, and it will take long time rise back up.  If we ignore the simple truth and common sense, we can kiss America ‘good-bye’. We can patiently and willingly make sure that government gets in line with what it is supposed to be (an employee of the Citizenry), or we can allow anger and frustration to finish us off.  Choose wisely, American! If you don’t, you will lose your Freedom.