All That Matters

Now that the Iowa Caucuses are over with, we can all get on with life, right? Sadly, that is not the case. Our Freedom is on the line and we must stay engaged with the political process in order to maintain that Freedom. A lot is on the line in this election (as in every other election). The problem this time is that citizens have taken leave of their senses and gone bonkers! Our current president and his minions have managed to cause a great divide in our nation by pushing an agenda that sucks the Freedom out of our lives and replaces it with government interference. Our current president and his minions have pushed government-run healthcare on us, which is destroying the economy and putting bureaucracies in charge of our everyday lives. They have melted our (once strong) military into a glob of ineffectual policies that tie the hands of men and women, who, otherwise, are a strong force against our enemies. They have enacted regulation after regulation to tie the hands of American businesses and keep them from flourishing. They have turned our educational system into socialist indoctrination centers. They have pushed deviance and perversion into the American culture and done the best they can to distance Christians from schools, government, the market place and even Churches. But, none of that matters.

The divide between races, genders and generations has become deeper and wider with the vitriol spewed by Republican candidates and their frothing-at -the-mouth followers.  Instead of supporting their own candidate of choice, they have taken to insulting and hurling hatred toward other candidates. People with the word Christian in their social media profiles use every form of profanity and vulgar speech against people who disagree with them. Egos, opinions and emotions have clearly taken over and common sense has been eradicated. Cruz supporters, Trump supporters and Rubio supporters are in a battle to see who can be the ugliest. They’ve set themselves up as judge and jury over the process and if you have the audacity to disagree then you must be Satan’s spawn. Rather than use a Spirit of discernment and encouragement, these people fly off the handle at any mention of an opposing candidate and act like a pack of rabid hyenas fighting over a field mouse in a drought stricken land. It is sickening!

Maintaining Freedom and defending the Constitution of the United States of America used to be the focus of the political process. Not anymore. Now, all that matters is whose candidate and supporters can get more time on TV showing how vile and emotionally stunted they really are. Here’s a little truth for my fellow Americans; if your focus in the political process is your own anger and hatred, maybe it is time to take a break, because you are not helping. Maybe it would be a good time for you to read some real Scripture, pray for discernment and get over yourself.

Forgive me, Dear Reader, but I am sick and tired of people pushing the idea that their own agenda is all that matters. My priorities are God, family and country – that is all that matters to me, and that is why I am resolved to stand against the forces of evil that have invaded America – no matter where those evils reside.

May God bless America and her citizens with the ability to maintain our Freedom.  Amen.

What About the Issues?

The Iowa Caucus are just a few days away and the political storm is just getting started.  We are faced with hiring a Leader for our Nation, and people are caught up in unproductive emotional idiocy.  “Your candidate is a RINO!”  “My candidate is the only one who can lead us.” “You are an establishment tool!”  Yes, the mud is deep, and while voters are busy wallowing in it, the country is in dangerous territory.  I am going to go out on a limb with this post and mention a few things that voters seem to want to ignore; the issues.  You see, selecting a Leader is a serious thing and it is of utmost importance for people to know where the candidates stand when it comes to issues that affect every one of us. It is also imperative for people to get over themselves and do a little research of their own to find out if the candidate’s stand on the issues is in line with their own values.

Here is a partial list of the issues we should be focused on:

National Security – Our Nation’s Armed Forces have been diminished and demoralized by the current administration and years of war fatigue. If America is to remain free, we must rebuild the military and take care of our Veterans. It is not possible to defend the Homeland and defeat our enemies if our military is void of resources and strong leadership.

Healthcare – Obamacare is the single, most dangerous thing to our Nation’s actual health. When the government gets its greedy hands into anything it becomes inefficient, expensive and prohibitive to freedom. Our economy and our citizenry cannot maintain the cost of this debacle. Healthcare should be in the hands of patients and their doctors (period). No doctor should have to spend more time doing paperwork and jumping through bureaucratic hoops than caring for a patient. And no patient should have to jump through the same hoops in order to get care.

Education – The current educational system in America is nothing more than a socialist indoctrination that keeps students in the dark about the basics and encourages stupidity. If America is going to have a strong economy and work force, students need to learn skills. Getting the Federal Government OUT of education is key to a healthy educational system.

Terrorism – America cannot appease and coddle terrorists! We have to stop allowing for their “religious laws” that go against everything America stands for. Jihadists in America have already killed many, and will only continue to do so. Jihadists in Europe rape and kill at will, all while the Powers that Be wring their hands and try to pacify their enemy invaders. We must stop them!

Immigration – We have laws on the books that need to be maintained and enforced. The invading force of freeloaders, murders, thieves and various other miscreants that come across our borders illegally need to be stopped! Those who enable them need to be punished. There should be no government or private entity monies for people who, by their very presence on our soil, are criminals. A wall will not keep them out, but lack of money will. So, no amnesty or pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens will ever work. America needs to let the world know that if you want to come here, come legally; the best way to do that is to stop paying them.

Taxes and Regulations – American companies have been forced to move their businesses out of America because the government has established excessive taxes and regulations.  A business must be able to make a profit if it is to remain a viable part of the economy and keep the jobs filled. Every tax on business or personal income is money that does not go into the economy. Forcing businesses to adhere to overwhelming regulations (environmental and healthcare just to name two) keeps that business from flourishing. There is more to say on this, but for now, that will do.

Bureaucracy – The overwhelming growth of bureaucracy in every aspect of American life is not sustainable. There are too many non-essential government employees. The tax-paying American citizen is strapped with paying for the existence of these less-than-productive paper pushers for life. They get a job with government for the sole purpose of the benefits, which last a lifetime. We cannot afford to keep paying for people to suck all of the money out of the coffers simply because they are too lazy or too ignorant to get a real job (this applies to government workers and welfare leeches, as well).

Religious Freedom – The Constitution of the United States, in the 1st Amendment, ensures us that we may worship as we wish without government interference. It is time that Christian businesses that refuse service to those who expect them to go against their values to be allowed to do so.  When a person or group goes out of its way to inhibit our 1st Amendment rights then that person or group is usurping the entire Constitution. The concept of civil rights is spelled out in the Constitution. The Founders designed the Constitution as a failsafe to protect Citizens from Government.

There are many more issues that need to be discussed, but for our purposes here, that is enough for today.  My candidate of choice was Rick Perry, and I knew where he stood on each of these and other issues. I knew that he would have been a great Leader for America. The rest of the field leaves me wondering if America is done. Governor Perry endorsed Ted Cruz this week, and many of his supporters have expressed disapproval, which is understandable. I respect the Governor’s decision, even if I don’t agree. There is not one candidate left that has my complete support. In the last two elections, I have been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. If any candidate, except Donald Trump, gets the nomination, I will do the same. However, if he gets the nomination, the evils will be equal. I encourage you, Dear Reader, to stop buying into the circus act that all the candidates are perpetuating and do some reading up on where the really stand.  It is not about the candidate’s personality or about your emotional idiocy. It is about the issues! And, it is time to get real!

May God bless us with a steadfast spirit of discernment and the strength to do what is right and good for America’s posterity.

The Battle Rages On

The War between Good and Evil has been going on since the beginning of time, so it is nothing new. Our current political climate is the fuel that keeps the battle going.  The government is doing everything it can to ensure that Evil reigns in this ages old conflict. It is of utmost importance that we properly define the battle lines and take a stand; if we don’t we lose.

First, let us look at the big picture. Almost 2,000 years ago, The Apostle Paul stated, in his letter to the Ephesians, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV)  Circumstances we face on earth are a direct result of what happens in the heavenly realms. The oldest tactic in the book of War is to divide and conquer, hence the perpetual wedge driven between people. The ultimate result of evil is tyranny. Tyranny, quite simply, is the eradication of Freedom.

Secondly, we must recognize the dangers we face. When people open their eyes and look around them, they see chaos. We have jihadists invading every nook and cranny of civilization in the name of Evil – they want to kill and/or enslave everyone who does not believe as they do. Our government is doing everything it can to make sure that Americans fall in line with the scourge of political correctness, and in so doing, it is destroying more of our Freedom every day. Young people are being indoctrinated to believe that Freedom means you can whine your way to prosperity and everyone else owes them fairness (Newsflash- “fair” does not exist; it never did. The concept of “fair” was introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden). We have come to a place where we appease evil and persecute good.

Third, Christians who stand on the sidelines and do nothing to defend good are complicit with evil.  Yes! We are called to pray for and love our enemies, but I do not recall Jesus ever telling His followers to give in to the evil that the enemy demands of us. In fact, He stated, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16 NIV).  He also commanded, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” (Luke 22:36b).  Christians are not called to be timid, pew-sitting hand-wringers; we are called to fight Evil with Good.

Several months ago (or a year, I am not sure when) I saw a statement on Twitter that is such a profound truth, I wrote it on a post-it note and put it on the wall next to my computer – “Pacifism is simply cowardice trying to pass itself off as morality.” These are the words of Kurt Schlichter (Retired US Army, lawyer and author). Exercising good morality means not letting bad morality infiltrate our lives. It doesn’t matter what your religion or political affiliation is, the only people who want war and conflict are those who are intent on advancing Tyranny. When entities that represent Satan infiltrate our lives, it is up to us to fight. In our personal lives, families, places of work, schools and yes, even in the Church, we must be willing to take a stand for Good. Freedom must be defended in order to be maintained.

The battle will continue to rage until the last day. Evil will always be on the attack against Good. The only way we will lose this war is to continue to do the same things we’ve been doing. It is time to stop allowing Tyranny to devour Freedom. We must be willing to stand up for what is Right and Good, and against what is Wrong and Evil.  To do this, we pray and we pray often! We arm ourselves with the Truth (and if necessary a sword).  We honor our civil responsibility to vote.  And, we support and encourage each other. We are in this together, but we cannot defend our Freedom if we are distracted by petty conflicts and other such idiocy.

So, what say you, Christian Patriot? Will you wallow in the muck with Evil? Or will you stand up and fight it? Your Freedom depends on your willingness to fight.

Prayer: May God hear our prayers and give us victory in this fight against the Enemy of His People.

sword and shield


Just the Beginning

It is time for a compulsory end of the year post. As we draw 2015 to a close, we can look back on multiple terrorist attacks, more racial divisiveness, grotesque videos of baby parts and beheadings, Christian business owners being persecuted for their beliefs, natural disasters, an overwhelming government intent on eradicating Rights, and more – much, much more.  All in all, it was not a great year.  The evil that has invaded America has grown considerably in the last 365 days. Those of us who recognize the evil for what it is ache for a return to common sense, but alas, the culture of political correctness has all but destroyed common sense.

In the political frenzy, the push to get rid of political correctness has become a race to see who can spew the most vitriol the farthest. The cult-like followers of a couple of the GOP candidates screech and scream like feral monkeys flinging excrement at each other. These same cretins claim that anybody who does not bow down to their clown gods is not Conservative and must be a RINO.  They ignore facts and push their candidates based on emotion (yes, anger is an emotion). They lack dignity and they don’t care, because the best way to get people to vote for their guy is to throw insults and promote less than factual propaganda.

Meanwhile, the leftists keep advancing their big-government, anti-God agenda. Every day, they manage to divide people a little more. Every week they come up with a new way to persecute people who love Freedom. They keep knocking us all over the head with the climate change rubbish, all while apologizing for jihadists who want to kill us.

The ridiculous circumstances we are now living in are a perverse antithesis of the vision the Founding Fathers had for this great nation.  People think that one man (a President) or Congress has the ability to turn it around; they are wrong. America is still a nation of the People, and until the People get over themselves and realize that fixing this country is on us, we are going to continue to slide downhill. It begins in the individual, American heart – goes into the American family, the American church, the American community, the American workplace and then it seeps into American politics.  Political correctness and the fear of offending everyone over everything is killing our country, and the anti-political correctness blob of anger and hate is going to finish it off.  Truth, dignity and honor have become rare and those who display such noble attributes are mocked.

As we look forward into 2016, we must realize that this is just the beginning of the turmoil. Evil has found a foothold in America and will continue to devastate our culture, unless we get serious about fighting it. You cannot fight evil with evil; you must fight evil with good, if you want to win the war. Unfortunately, that little bit of truth is lost on most Americans. In the coming year we can expect much more of the same rubbish we’ve had to deal with for decades. Leftists will not stop until they’ve eradicated every freedom and jihadists won’t quit until they kill all the infidels. As long as people who genuinely love America are chastised and belittled for not getting into the ring with all the excrement-slinging primates, we will lose.

The candidate I chose to support is no longer in the race, so I will watch and wait to see what is left when the circus finally leaves town. I expect there will be quite a mess. In the meantime, I will pray (sure, go ahead and laugh; the One I pray to will get the last laugh when it is all said and done).

Patriots, we have a lot of work to do. It starts with us and it ends with us. So, what will 2016 be? Will it be just the beginning of the end of America? Or will it be just the beginning of a resolve among the People to fight the evil and maintain our Freedom?

Happy New Year! May God bless us with a steadfast spirit of truth, and may He give us victory in the war against the evil that tries to defeat us.


Dangerous Idiots

The last few weeks have been horrible for the victims of jihadists and their families. Here in America, in Paris and in many other countries. Every day there are people killed in the name of jihad, because jihadists want to kill everybody. Make no mistake; they even kill other believers of their own religion – they hate, therefore they kill. The jihadist killing spree has been going on for 1,400 years, so the recent violence is nothing new.

The Attorney General of the Unites States of America stated that she wants to prosecute anybody who says anything against Islam. Never mind that whole 1st Amendment thing. The current administration feels constrained by the Constitution, so they do anything and everything they can to circumvent it. Just as in the aftermath of horrendous mass shootings in the past, the liberal/socialist parasite is determined to take away American’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, as well as keeping Americans from speaking their minds.

National ‘newspaper’ publications have thrown down the gauntlet for their parasite overlords by publishing anti-gun and anti-prayer rhetoric in hopes of shaming Christian Conservative Americans into the dark. That is unlikely to happen, given the fact that we do still have our Bibles, guns, the Constitution and the willingness fight to keep our Freedom. As long as media and academia shill for the leftist agenda, there will be gullible idiots out there who buy into it hook, line and sinker. These dangerous idiots that maneuver through the fabric of our country are nourishing the liberal/socialist parasite and pushing it to eradicate our Freedom.  They do not have a clue as to the destruction they are causing and they don’t seem to fully understand that if they remove my Freedom, they also remove their own.

Personally, I do not have time, patience or space in my life to argue with people who defend those who want to kill me or take my Freedom away. A lot of people like to get down in the muck and the mire with them; I do not. My purpose is to praise God, defend the Constitution and encourage my fellow American citizens. However, these dangerous idiots are bold in their ignorance and must, on occasion, be addressed.

Dear Progressive/Liberal/Socialist,

You may not have my Freedom! It is mine. My Freedom to speak as I please, worship the Lord my God and own a firearm are given to me by God and guaranteed through the Law of this Land (in case you don’t understand that – the Law is the Constitution). Please be advised that I will not give up my rights to you or to any Quran-thumping, maniac adherent of Mohammad’s cult of death.



Patriots, we need to be serious about protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our entire country from dangerous idiots who would have us all perish along with our precious, sacred Freedom. I encourage you to pray and pray often that we will be able to keep them from further destruction, and that we will be able to restore America. Also, if you feel you must engage in the battles the liberals bring to your doorstep, be prepared; don’t let your guard down and don’t wallow in the muck with them – we are better than that, and by being better we will prevail.

God bless you and God bless America with the strength, courage and wisdom it takes to keep our Freedom.