Dear Reader,

Recent events in my family’s life have brought us to make a very difficult and important decision. As with all decisions, this one comes with conditions.

It has been an absolute joy to be able to share the Gospel with you at and it has been wonderful to be able to encourage and support my fellow Christian Conservatives at But, with the economy in the dumper and money within my family being very tight, I am coming to a place where I will no longer be able to afford to keep up with the blogs and the cost of my Internet connection. I have not placed advertisements on my blogs simply because I have very little control over what ‘pops up’, even with the filters that are available, and businesses tend to save their advertising dollars for high traffic sites. In March I opened a crowd-funding site in order to get help with my blog and Internet expenses and to get two E-book projects published. Some very kind and wonderful people blessed me with enough to keep going with the blogs and Internet, but the E-book projects have been on the back burner until I can afford to get them professionally formatted and put on the market.

As most of my Readers know, I live with and care for my 84 year-old Mom (she will be 85 in January). Taking care of Mom is not only my purpose in life but it is also my greatest blessing. I left my last job in 2005 in order to take on this wonderful task. We live month to month, but we do so knowing that God blesses us every day with His Will and His Love. Because I am able to write and take care of Mom at the same time, I had hoped that somehow I would be able make a little extra with my computer and my skill. That has not happened. After a long discussion, Mom and I have decided that if I cannot make money with my writing, I am going to have to stop.

Due to some personal issues that need attention, on Thursday (9-11-14) I will step away from Social Media for a couple of weeks, but I will be back on Twitter and Facebook by October 1, 2014. We decided that we will wait a little while longer before we unplug the Internet connection. IF it doesn’t look like I will be able to make any money with my writing, on November 7, 2014 I will be leaving both blogs and the Internet. IF I am able to afford to get one of my E-book projects on the market before then, I will stick around and see what happens. I know not what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future, so I leave it in God’s capable hands. Your prayers are much appreciated. And if you are interested in helping me, please consider visiting my GoFundMe site.

Thank you and God bless you,


How to Heal Our Land

The news is abysmal. The United States of America is faltering and there seems to be no quick answer to our problems. The influx of illegal aliens on our Southern Border is overwhelming us. People coming here to get a free handout from our government at the expense of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are going to push our medical, educational and criminal justice systems to the edge. These people are bringing crime and disease into a nation that is already overrun with both. The government is getting bigger and more powerful at the hands of lawless politicians and their cohorts in the media. The average American family is stressed. Families are being destroyed by crime, divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, moral decay, loss of employment and overreaching regulations that affect healthcare, property ownership and small business. Our National Security is severely compromised by politicians who are more interested in lining their own pockets and getting their 30 second sound bite showing how patriotic they are on the evening news, than they are interested in actually keeping our Nation safe from terrorists. It is absolutely out of control! It is difficult to be positive in times that are completely evil.

What do we do? Do we stand on the street corner like our socialist counterparts, scream and demand that the world start doing everything our way? Or do we roll our sleeves up and get busy doing something about the problems we face? The screaming seems to have worked well for the ignorant masses of socialist parasites, but it will not work for those of us who have a greater cause in mind than whatever is popular with media at the moment. Our cause is Freedom (pure and simple) and if we are to reverse the damage done by the liberal/socialist agenda of the last six decades, we are going to have to work hard at keeping and maintaining our Freedom.

Congress is over-loaded with career politicians on both sides of the political aisle. We need to push for term limits! The Republican Party, which has historically been Conservative, has abandoned the Citizens in order to protect the Party. There are a few Republicans in our government who are still fighting for the Citizens and our Freedom, but they are few in number and need our help.  In recent elections we have allowed the Party Elite to choose candidates that will tow the Party Line and ignore the Citizens; we must not allow this to happen. Just because the media and the mushy moderates in the Party think that a Conservative candidate cannot win an election, does not make it true. Conservatives want Conservative candidates!

A few weeks ago I was told by a genius on Twitter that we need to keep our Christian Faith quiet when it comes to politics, because we don’t want to scare non-believers away. What a load of rubbish! In 2008 and again in 2012 the moderate candidates we had were defeated, because they didn’t stand for anything. You’ve heard the saying, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” Ronald Reagan made no secret of his Christian beliefs and won elections by a land slide. For the wishy-washy, moderate fools out there who think we need to keep God out of our elections, I counter with this:

“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:13-14 NIV)

Not everybody in America believes in God. But, those of us who do proclaim faith in God and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior need to step up the game! We need to pray to God Almighty to give us the courage to fight the evil that has invaded our nation; we need to pray for God to give us the strength to keep fighting; and we need to call upon God to fill us with the wisdom to be able to reverse this downward spin into absolute tyranny. Not enough Christians are keeping the true faith that Scripture calls us to have. Too many have gone away to follow false doctrines and warm-fuzzy theology that is the antithesis of God’s Word. If America is to remain a Free nation, we must be willing to use all of our resources to fight the evil we face.

Our Founding Fathers believed in the Providence of God. They used Scripture and the writings of wise men to formulate a Constitution that would protect the Citizens from an over-reaching and corrupt government. Yet, we have a president who completely disregards the Constitution and does his dead-level best to subvert our Freedom and in the process render the Constitution useless. The politicians, judges and media who protect the president while he destroys our nation are nothing more than a pack of screeching hyenas eating at the carcass of America. Is this acceptable to you? It is not acceptable to me. This Christian American Citizen will not be quiet and will not sit idly by and watch the Nation that my ancestors fought for and worked their knuckles to the bone to build be destroyed by lazy, corrupt, evil people whose sole purpose is to oppress the masses and walk away with the plunder.

If we are to heal our Land, we need to pay attention to what is happening and do something about it. Complacency is not an option!  Are you with me?


What political issue affects you the most?  Is it the government takeover of your healthcare? Could it be the failing economy or the government indoctrination of your children in our schools?  Is it the fact that the government is running a corrupt I.R.S., taking tax-payer’s money to fund even more corruption? Perhaps it is the fact that our current president and his minions have made a mockery out of the United States of America on the world stage with an absolutely abhorrent foreign policy? Could the most important issue be the fact that our precious Veterans have been abused and ignored by a government-run system that, also, is wrought with graft and corruption?  Maybe the biggest issue is the fact that our nation has been invaded by throngs of people who come here illegally (by their very presence on our soil, they are breaking our laws; they are criminals!)? Is the most important issue the eradication of our privacy? What about the issue of gun control? What about the creeping masses of Islam who want to turn our nation over to Sharia Law? What about the social deviants and miscreants who demand that we all accept their alternative lifestyles as normal? And, what about the culture of people who refuse to work for a living, yet demand that hard-working, tax-paying citizens furnish everything they want? Is the growing persecution of the Christian Church an issue for you? Or, maybe it is the politicians who want to repeal the 1st Amendment of the Constitution? What does the growing divide between genders, generations and races mean to you?  These are just a few of the issues we face; there are many more.

Every issue is important! None of these issues should be ignored. We, as Citizens of this country should be informed on all issues and we should be engaged with others on a regular basis. These are not just national, state or local issues. These are also work, church, neighborhood and Family issues.  Every Citizen in this country is affected by everything that goes on in Washington, D.C, in our own State Legislatures, County Commissions, City Council, School Board and every other entity that is supposed to be manned by We the People. This country was not designed to be managed by a hierarchy of professional politicians! This country was designed to be run by the Citizens.  The Constitution is the Law of our Land, written and ratified to protect the People from an overwhelming and overpowering government. The Constitution protects the Rights of the People by hindering government’s reach into our lives. And, we have allowed the socialist parasite to come in and suck the life out of our Constitution and the freedom out of our Nation.  Shame on all of us!

While Conservatives bicker amongst ourselves over every aspect of the political war we are fighting, liberals are pushing the socialist agenda with ease. Perhaps Conservatives should stop getting caught up in the symbolism over substance idiocy and straighten up! You can shout cute, little Conservative “sayings” until you are blue in the face. You can get Moan Labe, Tea Party or Patriot Pride tattooed on your forehead; it doesn’t matter one bit in the big picture if you are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone and make an actual difference in this fight against socialism. We need to stop worrying about what the Republican Party elitists do and say (they are nothing more than Democrats, anyway) and start returning the Republican Party to the Conservative base.  When the Party Elite moves in and pushes a liberal Republican in a Primary, and the Conservative candidate loses; learn from it! When a Conservative candidate wins against the Party Elite’s choice; learn from it! We are not going to get every candidate that we want and we need to dispense with the childish pity party every time we don’t get our way in an election.  My point is this: If we sit around and whine and cry that the candidate that the voters just elected is not what we wanted, the socialists win.  Citizens need to be reminded often, this is not a Democracy it is a Representative Republic. We the People have a duty to make sure those we elect to political office represent us. Too many people get excited and active for a few months leading up to an election, cast their vote and then go right back to ignoring what the politicians do. It is up to us to hold their feet in the fire! It is up to us to make sure they do exactly what we want them to do. THEY work for US!

The silliness and outright idiocy that people display during an election is sickening. There are coffee shop brain surgeons everywhere. They know more than God about all things and they have no problem letting you know how smart they are.  There are pundits who claim that they have all the answers to America’s problems, and we can fix everything with some lame-brained  “five point plan”.  The truth is simple; no one has all the answers! We must learn from history and the mistakes we’ve made. We must return to, defend and protect the Constitution. We must get over our petty differences and get real about fighting the socialist parasite or we will lose our freedom forever.  If we let the government continue to grow and allow the overwhelming bureaucracy to suck the very life out of America, then the next generation will have to explain to their children why rooting for a favorite sports team or going to a movie was so much more important than preserving freedom.

Dear Reader, please forgive me for sharing my anger in this post.  My purpose in this fight is to support and encourage my fellow Conservatives, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, because Conservatives have been acting like a bunch of kindergarten brats. Our freedom depends on us, and if we are too busy pulling each other’s hair out and calling each other names, we can kiss it all good-bye. So! Are the issues important to you? Are you going to do your best to get informed and share what you learn with those around you? Are you going to stand up and speak up against tyranny? Or are you going to wallow in self, and choose oppression by default?


If you are interested in writing a Guest Post for this blog, please see the Guest Post Guidelines page.

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Your Voice

The Primary Season is almost over. The candidates that will be on the ballot in November have been chosen. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and get serious about supporting the candidates who share our Conservative values. It is time to encourage our families, friends, neighbors and whomever else we can reach with the truth to get active in the process of maintaining our precious freedom. Yes, Dear Reader, our freedom depends on us! From now through November the posts on this blog will be shorter and more frequent in order to cover as many of the important issues as possible.

What about you? Do you think your voice matters in this process? I do! So, I am going out on a limb and offering this space to you.  Several of my wonderful Blogger Pals have written Guest Posts for this blog. It is wonderful to be able to share my blog with others who have something important to say, but what about people who do not have their own blog to share their views? Everybody has a voice. Opinions and ideas must be shared. I am not looking to showcase professional citizen journalists, but I am interested in opening the door for average people to speak up. Everybody has issues that are near and dear to their own heart. To name just a few: Common Core (public education), Healthcare, Taxes, Racism and Bigotry (dividing race, gender and generation), Moral Decay, Foreign Policy, the Economy, overwhelming Government Regulations, Crime and much more. What issue sparks your passion? Do you want to tell others about it? The do it!  If you want to share your views with others via this blog please take a look at my Guest Post Guidelines page, write your thoughts and share them!  This invitation is open until November, so there is plenty of time.

The political conversation in America is of utmost importance and we should all be engaged in the process of gathering information and sharing truth with as many people as will listen. I encourage you to join me. If you are interested in writing a post for this blog; write it. If you are interested in knowing what others think; read, comment and share. You can sign up to have email notices sent to you when a new post is published here. If you don’t like the conversation you can always unsubscribe. Let us work together, stand together and speak up together in order to maintain our freedom. Let your voice be heard! Complacency is not an option.


Hello Dear Reader,

Please forgive me for not having posted here in so long. The times we live in are so frustrating, it has been difficult for me to sort out my thoughts and come up with a coherent post for you. It is my purpose to support and encourage my fellow Christian Conservatives in this fight for our Freedom. With all of the evil that is taking place in America it is hard to know where to start. I have been posting Devotion posts over on The Determined Christian. Spending time in God’s Word has helped me realize that it truly is evil that we are fighting, and the only way we can win is to trust in Him.

My book projects are heavy on my heart and I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and research trying to get closer to making these projects a reality. For the next week, I will be completely engulfed in prayer, Bible Study and writing. Perhaps Jesus will bless me with a way to clearly focus on the correct words to share with you to encourage you in this political chaos and pending persecution that we face.

Thank you for your patience and God bless you.

Unity of Spirit

There is a disturbing trend among Conservatives that needs to be addressed and fixed, immediately. There is a growing divide among professing Conservatives that is going to destroy our chances of maintaining our Freedom. One thing that the leftists have going for them is that they all think alike. When you wonder how they got elected, all you need to do is look at the ignorant masses that voted for them. They all stand together in their avarice for other people’s money and in their hatred for everything the Constitution gives us. If you call yourself a Conservative, it is time to open your eyes.

We face overwhelming challenges in the coming months leading to the 2014 mid-term election. We face even bigger challenges going toward the General Election in 2016. From every local office, county, state and federal, we need to get our act together, encourage and support Conservative candidates. Bickering about one or two issues and thinking that your idea is the only one that counts brings nothing but division. Think! The oldest tactic in the book is to divide and conquer, and the leftists dance with glee when they see Conservatives at each other’s throats over issues that they are firm on. You either believe in Conservative values or you don’t; it is that simple. Instead of trying to appease leftists, media and the politically correct, we need to stand firm in our convictions. We need to adhere to our Conservative values and use plain old common sense when it comes to dealing with the issues. This isn’t about being the smartest person in the room; this is about fighting an overwhelming government that, if left unchecked, will throw us into absolute tyranny.

I don’t quote Scripture in this blog often, but I feel it necessary to drive this point:

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:2-3 NIV)

The Apostle Paul was trying to encourage his fellow Christians to get along so that they would be better able to spread the Gospel. We Conservatives need to get over our petty differences and work together to maintain our Freedom. Idiotic infighting does nothing but destroy our cause. Granted, there are some people out there who call themselves Conservatives who are nothing more than vile, leftist scum. There are also nominal Conservatives who prefer to be complacent and want to ‘get along’ with the leftists because they don’t want to get their hands dirty. Then there are the people who claim to be Conservative, but really they are nothing more than anarchists looking for violent fight to get into. The reality of this struggle to maintain our Constitution and our Freedom falls on those of us who prefer to use the common sense that God gave us. We not only have to push against the liberal/socialist agenda, we also must defend against those who say they are “on our side”, but are just as destructive as our enemy. Real Conservatives need unity, and we need it now. All of the bickering is just stirring up a lot of dust in hopes that no one will be able to see that we are not actually getting anything done. We have forgotten how to work together for peace and prosperity. The last time Americans pulled together in unity was during World War II. Our fight for freedom today, is just as important as it was then.

Arguing with idiots (no matter what side of the political aisle they’re on) will get us nowhere. It is time that we stand strong and stand together in unity of spirit. We need to arm ourselves with truth, promote Conservative values that lead to Freedom and fight the socialist agenda that leads to tyranny.

May God have mercy on us and give us strength, courage and wisdom.


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Making God Laugh

There is an old Yiddish saying, “We make our plans, and God laughs.”  It is always good to be comic relief for The Creator of the universe and everything in it.  I am proud to say that I must make God laugh every day. In keeping with my purpose, I have made some plans for my writing projects.

First, I must address the book and the e-book that I have in the works. When I signed up for a crowd-funding site, I didn’t expect to get a great response. Although there have been a lot of ‘shares’ on Facebook and Twitter, the donations have been few. I am extremely grateful for those who have felt compelled to donate, and I will do everything within my power to hold up my end of the deal; letting people down is the last thing I want to do. So, since it looks like I will not have enough to get A Declaration of War: Fighting Evil in the 21st Century to the publisher as soon as I had hoped, I will put it aside until the funding is available. It will not cost as much to get the e-book, A Wretch Like Me on the market and available to readers everywhere. So, I plan to focus my attention on getting A Wretch Like Me into your hands as soon as possible. I have already renewed my domain names for both blogs; Voice of a Patriot and The Determined Christian, thanks to the generosity of my donors.

Coming up on Voice of a Patriot, I am going to be posting as often as possible about current political issues. The economy, national security, the state of our educational system and many other subjects that deserve our attention will be brought to light here. I welcome comments and suggestions for content.  I have neglected my work on The Determined Christian, and I plan to spend more time writing for Christ. Beginning soon, I will start posting short devotionals that will include Scripture, prayer and a brief commentary. It is my hope to post these devotionals at least 3 times per week.

The economy is horrible (in spite of what the liberals would have us believe). The expense of living has become almost unbearable for a lot of people. Because I made a choice many years ago to stay at home to take care of my Mom, my income has been non-existent. I have never applied for, nor used, government assistance to get by. The thought of going on welfare or using food stamps turns my stomach. Honestly, begging for money from strangers to fund my work has been unsettling to me, but I would rather ask people for help directly than take it via government subsidies.  I have been writing for free for many years (I do not advertise on my blogs). Only God’s Will and time will tell if my writing is actually worth a reader’s attention. I submit myself to God and to you, Dear Reader, and I pray for strength so that I will not let you down.

So, my plan is to write, to share the Gospel, to support and encourage my fellow Conservatives. I pray that while He laughs, God will bless my efforts to reach as many people as possible. Thank you, Dear Reader, for your continued attention to my feeble words. May God bless you with His abundance of joy and peace.

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Book Review – The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends


TC Avey is the author of this wonderful book and she also writes the great blog,    Wisdom of a Fool.

The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is a short book that consists of three separate conversations between husbands and their wives. Each of these conversations is a glimpse into the intense personal relationships of couples facing tragic times due to the loss of Christianity in America. These distinct exchanges between these couples are eye-opening and heart-wrenching. I read this book all the way through in about an hour and sat here, stunned. TC has an extraordinary way of using fiction to shed light on reality. While this book is fiction, it is also a deep, thought-provoking look at some of the things we fear could happen in our country if we don’t start doing something.

At the end of each chapter, TC proposes questions to further provoke thought. I studied each question and found myself answering with Scripture in mind. At the end of the book is a great list of resources and links to articles that show, very clearly, that reality isn’t so far removed from fiction.

The gist of The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends is the blatant removal of Christianity from America and the results of such a tragedy. Politically speaking, we must preserve Christianity in order to preserve liberty, because no other religion or political system is capable of supporting freedom as Christianity does. Countries that have completely removed Jesus Christ from their political systems are nothing more than slave states powered by tyrants.

TC paints a bleak picture of what America without Christianity would be like. However, she also shines a great light on the Hope that we have in Jesus Christ. I believe her purpose in writing this book is to open the reader’s eyes to the dangers we face and promote action toward preserving our freedom.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

~William Wilberforce~

Are you willing to face reality? I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Once you read it, you will start looking at everything that is going on in America in a new way. It is my prayer that everybody reads it; that everybody starts praying, and that everybody stands up and fights for our freedom.

To get a closer look and perhaps purchase it, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you TC Avey for having courage in your convictions and for writing this great book.

Freedom is Calling – Guest Post by TC Avey

Freedom is Calling

Have you ever heard the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility”?

Have you ever considered that FREEDOM is a power? That it comes with great responsibility?

As an American Christian I live in abundant freedom.

Under the U.S. Constitution, no one can take away my “unalienable rights” without due process of law.

Under the Cross of Calvary, my Salvation was purchased at no cost to me and I am now free from the penalty of sin and death.

I am FREE!

I am also Responsible.

I’m responsible for my conduct, again, both as an American and as a Christian.

As an American, I must abide by the laws of the very Constitution that grants me liberty.

As a Christian, I am challenged do die daily to myself and follow my Savior.

As an American, I should help preserve the Constitution and the liberty I enjoy through various patriotic acts, such as voting and helping American’s understand their rights. I can also exercise my rights through the gifts given to me by my God.

As a Christian, I am called to use my gifts and abilities to further God’s kingdom and to share His love with others.

Together, these Rights and Responsibilities mean I am NOT free to live a life of selfish indulgence.

The world tries to tell me what my “rights” are: The right to have fun, to have things handed to me and so on.

But the world is wrong.

Being an American, and a Christian, means life is about more than me and my pleasure.

I must work to ensure others are afforded all the same liberties I enjoy.

Not just here in America, but around the world.

But I’m not sure everyone really WANTS this type of freedom…at least not if it is attached to such a high price.

We like all like our freedoms, but do we like them enough to WORK to keep them?

My book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, confronts people with this hard truth.

Freedom comes at a price.

Freedom is worth preserving.

Freedom is for everyone.

Freedom is in danger of eroding under the “rights” the world is peddling.

While many are deluded into believing freedom should cost them nothing, others are working to take their freedoms away.

My book will challenge you to view the world differently.

To view Christianity differently.

America may not always be free.

But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom…and NO ONE can take that freedom away.

But you can give it away.

It’s up to you.

Freedom, and its responsibilities, are calling.

Will you answer?

BIO- TC Avey is a Christian devoted to God, family and friends. She is passionate about encouraging Christians to live a life dedicated to Christ as well as helping them understand the importance of preserving our national freedoms through knowledge and love. She blogs at Wisdom of a Fool. You can also follow her on Twitter. Her book,   The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, is available on Amazon, April 7th.







Some Announcements

After years of fighting it, I have finally decided to join Facebook. As soon as I figure out how to share my Facebook page with you, I will pass it along to you. In the meantime, there is a share button at the end of each post, and I think I’ve managed to get the settings straight, so when I publish a blog post it is shared there.  Also, if you would rather find me on Twitter you can follow me @VoiceofaPatriot  I look forward to interacting with you in either or both places.

Next week I am going to devote my space here to promoting my good friend TC Avey’s new book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends. TC will be guest-posting here and I will give you a review of her book.

My GoFundMe site has received a lot of interest, but alas, the donations have been few. I am grateful to those who have stopped by, for those who have donated and for those who have prayed.  I hope to reach my goal by the end of April, but with the sad state of the economy, I won’t be surprised if I do not. So, the publication of A Declaration of War: Fighting Evil in the 21st Century and A Wretch Like Me will be in limbo until I do meet my funding goal. I wish I could afford to go ahead with publication of both of these projects, but like with most people, money is scarce. That is why I started the crowd-funding site, in hopes that a few people would be able to afford a few dollars each to help me get on my way. I leave it in God’s capable hands; His Will be done.

Finally, the political season is heating up, and as we move toward Election Day I will be posting as often as possible. We are fighting an evil parasite that is sucking the life out of our nation. America’s spirit has been damaged and it is up to you and me to repair it. Anything and everything we can do to defeat the socialist agenda we must do. We stand strong when we stand together.

Until next time! May God bless you with strength, courage and wisdom.